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The invasion has settled tombstones, corroded from surfaced shore-lined salt water!
The dredged fortifications belong,
conquered souls demand retention in wild content,
demanding trust onto human contents;
therefore, understood without meaningless reasons?

Where has the time gone, vanished---
---content does persuade me!
Pervade the atrocities of mankind,
desert their notions without reason?

There are upon thinking thoughts,
depressingly invigorating within timed tombs,
walled up on Main Street, where the fish sing,
belonging to the Creators device, without notion or reason?

Depending love onto a white horse,
challenged onto directions, clueless,
whereas, the portions are separated,
and conducted without treason!

The carriage topples the ground, skimming across white lines,
snow has tripped the streets, blank and misguided,
but as time consumes the individual,
so shall the burden that endures strength from reason?

I tell, “Companion, do sit up straight!”
he answers response, wildly content,
“What reason should I abide such faculties?”
and I answer him, “for the sake of creations reason!”

Within reason the hooves and chance collide,
their beatings hearts resound in endurance,
their warm nostrils breathing fumes of heat,
wildly inventive in their sight do they persuade?
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