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Explorers awaken an ancient yet hot mummy girl. Sex, murder, and soul-eating ensues.
Sealed away in a sarcophagus for failing to immediately share the secret of immortality with her Pharaoh, Anat lays for ages, turning her own infinite life into a curse. When she is awoken by explorers thousands of years later, she's feeling a bit pent-up, not to mention a tad dry inside, so she takes the only logical action and rewards her accidental rescuers. Hot mummy sex, murder, and soul-eating ensues.

Contents: ball squeezing, blowjob, bone breaking, cock-destroying clench, cowgirl position, creampie, deep throat, face sitting, femdom, gore, horror, kissing, life draining, literal dick eating, literal explosive orgasm, long tongue, monster girl, painful orgasms, 69, snuff, straight, stupid names, tear drinking, unboxing gone wrong, vaginal

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Don't Open That!
Anat was praised as the genius head apothecary to the Pharaoh for years. Too many years, in fact, since eventually the royals caught on that she had discovered her own form of immortality. Of course, they wanted it too, but it wasn't so easy; the potions had to be made specifically for the user, so mixing one would take years. The Pharaoh, now too old to benefit from such an arrangement, was enraged.

He also might have been a little upset that she was secretly eating mortal souls to keep her immortality, and some of them he liked.

He ordered her sealed away in a sarcophagus, turning her precious immortality into a curse rather than a blessing, an insane order that she could never have anticipated. At the very least, the old man should have appreciated the presence of a hot buxom woman with blood red hair who would still let him penetrate her without complaint. But no, they wrapped her hot naked body in bandages and sealed her away.

At the very least, they put a curse on her to sleep, rather than letting her sit in the eternal prison wide awake. They probably hoped that she'd eventually face into oblivion, and she might have if she hadn't gorged herself on souls prior to being caught. Ironically, their sleep curse is probably what allowed her to use that energy slowly enough to barely survive.

When a sudden loud crack of shifting stone brought her fully back to consciousness, she wasn't certain how long it had been. There was a tiny sliver of light as the lid of the standing sarcophagus was slowly pried open, barely visible through the bandaging. It was rather uncomfortable, the space not big enough for her large breasts, which were smashed up against the lid.

Her hand felt stiff as she forced her arm to move with the thick bandages, tugging the ones from around her eyes open so she could see. She had originally hoped that the old man's dick would get lonely before he died and he'd open her up, but she was sure it'd been far too long for that to be the case. Instead, she saw a metal implement slipping beneath the lid of the standing coffin to pull it further apart.

"Are you crazy?" a panicked man's voice was speaking outside. "We can't open that!"

"Shut up!" a second man's voice responded. "What do you think is going to happen? It's going to come back to life and murder us?"

"Yeah, besides," a third voice said. "They might have the best stuff inside the actual coffin! There are literal piles of goods out here, imagine what they'd think was important enough to go in there!"

She didn't understand the language, though the tones told her what she needed about their dispositions. These were clearly grave-robbers. More importantly though, they were men, and that meant they had the kind of energy she needed to relieve her pent-up tension. They were likely not warriors, so even in her weakened state she should be able to overcome them.

Anat wanted to shove the lid the rest of the way, but didn't have enough strength to do so. Luckily though, her large orbs being pressed against the lid helped, the pressure shoving the lid outward as soon as it was loosened enough. The man prying at it leaped back, not expecting it to fly open before he even got it all the way out, and it probably looked much to them as if she shoved it open. Anat took a staggering step forward as she braced herself with one hand against the side.

The three men stared, all having fallen back when the occupant actually stepped forward. While they were clearly terrified, their brains were still sorting through this so they didn't outright run. Either way, they were all rather delicious looking, well-muscled despite not being warriors, with sun-bathed skin and dark eyes and hair. Though her insides felt like dry sandpaper, she still felt something stir upon seeing three attractive men for the first time in ages. The treasures behind them didn't even matter to her.

She took a moment to stretch out, the casual nature of it all hopefully ensuring they didn't flee outright until she was strong enough to keep them from doing that. She'd been hastily wrapped, so her tight bandages began to come loose immediately, particularly around her breast area where they'd been pulled tight. Her skin was deathly pale but still as porcelain as before, and her deep red hair that barely showed through was still intact, again thanks to the curse they placed on her.

The men seemed to relax when she didn't attack them, then tensed up again when she started massaging her breasts. She grunted as the once-spongy flesh didn't give as she wanted it to; despite her pristine outside, her insides had long begun to decay into dry filth and she couldn't even find a heartbeat. The pain of such a state might have overwhelmed a normal woman, but she was a bit of a masochist atop everything.

"Uh... hello..." the man that had pried it open said awkwardly.

"We should run?" the one to his left that had been reluctant before said, sounded afraid but clearly questioning whether he should act on that fear.

She still didn't know what they meant, so instead pointed a finger at the one in front as her other hand massaged her breasts, one then the other. The bandages were coming slowly free, and soon they emerged entirely.

"Kissu," said the man in front, pointing at himself. She assumed he got the idea and that was his name. He pointed at his friends to his left then right. "Fakku, Ferachio."

Weird names, but what did she care? She turned her hand around to waggle a finger at the man in front, motioning him closer. The man stared into her deep green eyes as he stood up and staggered towards her, a little more than she had upon coming out. As he did so, she tugged her bandages free around her neck and face, feeling over her own skin.

"It seems my outsides are okay," she said aloud, though the men obviously wouldn't understand her language any more than she understood theirs. "My insides are dry, but devouring your three souls should be enough to moisten me up."

Her words flowed out sensually, and they definitely got the lustful emotion behind them if not the meaning. Ferachio even adjusted his pants slightly. She felt even her ancient tunnel grow slightly moist at how clueless her victims were.

When Kissu was close enough, she reached out to tug him closer by his collar, and pushed her lips to his immediately. The man squeaked as his friends gasped at the sudden friendliness, and again it was far more effective in keeping them put than attempting to restrain them would be. Her method of draining a soul worked from the inside out, so by the time they realized what she was doing, she'd already have a soul and could keep the other two here well enough.

Kissu's eyes widened, both from the sudden kiss and from the chill of her lips against his, her body still as cold as the tomb she'd been sealed away in. The man must have been pent up himself though, since that didn't dissuade him. His hands, shivering from cold and arousal, moved to her hips, slowly dragging up her frigid form, digging his nails in to pick more at the bandages.

As his two friends stared at the sudden make-out jealously, she dove her tongue into his mouth. He reluctantly suckled it, and she felt the warmth of his own tongue enter her own mouth, coating her dry gums with his saliva. His body heat felt amazing against her, causing her to shiver stiffly in return to his affections. As his hands squeezed her breasts firmly, the imprint of his fingers remained for a few long seconds before the cool flesh slowly expanded back out.

When his friends slowly moved closer, kissu shoved her back into the sarcophagus, pinning here there in a location they couldn't get to as if to keep her for himself. The other males murmured disapprovingly, but that was fine for now. The trick was to let him feel in control as long as he could so that by the time he realized what was happening, it'd be too late.

At first it was just a normal make-out session for him, their tongues having a brief battle as she stared into his lust-dimmed eyes. She slid her hands around him to grip at his back, digging her nails in through his shirt as the bandages came free from her fingers. He squeezed her breasts again with both hands, sliding around the orbs and seeming to start to enjoy the unique clammy feel.

The act of getting it on with a complete stranger had her churning down below as it always did, but she couldn't wait for foreplay to be over as hungry as she was. As he slobbered all over her mouth, she slowly drained his energy out using his waggling tongue as a wick. The slow infection that she left in its wake began eating him from the inside, at first merely seeming as if he was unusually tired, already panting as if they'd been going for hours.

He pulled back slightly as if starting to get the idea that something was wrong, but she pulled him back with her arms, standing on one leg to wrap the other around her hips as she undulated, grinding herself against him. The bandages around her thighs that had been dry before were now damp and sticky as she drew more energy out of him.

The man didn't start to outright panic until he looked down at his hand grasping one of her exposed breasts, seeing the green rot slowly seeping up through his flesh where he could see it. With her breasts slowly feeling more normal and pliable to his touch, it didn't take a genius to put two and two together and figure out why she wanted this.

But it was too late to run. On top of that, because he'd shoved her inside the open casket on the wall, his arms were hidden from his friends. She moved a hand up to cover the back of his neck, the only part of his bare flesh they'd see from their angle, so they wouldn't see as his skin slowly seemed to dry out and tint an unnatural greenish-yellow. She bit down on his tongue, holding him against her so that his attempts to scream simply rattled through her and sounded more like moans to his friends. In fact, they already had their dicks out, stroking themselves slowly as they awaited their turn.

Her body warmed as his body cooled, her tongue now moist while his was drying out inside his parched mouth. Even his lustful shaft seemed to be wilting a little bit in his pants. In desperation, he tried to punch her in the neck, but his weakened limbs barely impacted at more than a massage, and his stupid comrades didn't seem to get the idea, simply chuckling behind him and probably thinking he was getting into it by abusing her.

His body wrecked with a slowly increasing agony, his arms finally went limp as he began to tear up, soon sobbing against her face, but even his tears dried up immediately as his face began to darken and shrivel. As he gagged grotesquely, his friends grew quiet, and she heard them slowly beginning to back away as they finally got the idea. They turned, tripping slightly as they hastily buttoned up their pants.

But by now, her power was strong enough to stop them, and it wasn't hard. There was only one exit to the large chamber, it seemed, and a simple telekinetic shove to one of the support columns next to it brought the wall and ceiling above it down. Several of their torches blew out as the room was deprived of the light of the outside, and they rushed for the collapsed rubble, desperately trying to dig it out.

The display of power however drained a lot of what she'd taken, so if they were to gang up on her, it wasn't impossible that they'd take her down before she finished. Since there was no reason to hide what she was doing now though, she opted for intimidation to keep them from trying.

She pushed out of the casket, holding Kissu by the head, then turning to make sure his friends could see his form shivering there in the light of the only remaining torch. She moaned, rolling her hips against him, the bandages about her nethers now slimy with her fresh love juice. The man convulsed as she drew energy faster, body shivering as muscle disappeared, face soon unrecognizable as it sank inward. His choking became gasping, then ceased entirely as he began to suffocate.

Anat topped off everything she could while he was still alive, running her lengthened tongue over his face lustfully, watching the life leave his eyes. When she dropped him, he was barely more than bones, his lifeless husk thumping against the floor like so many before it, and likely so many after.

The men were screaming like scared children now, so her display had worked, and shrieked when she turned to look at them. Fakku had hidden behind a stack of treasure, the gold and jewels barely glinting in the dim light. She could feel his life force there now as her power grew, but she let him believe that his cowering might work so that he wouldn't try anything. Instead, she moved towards Ferachio, who was still frantically digging at the rubble.

Ferachio was shrieking, probably crying for help, but she doubted it would do any good. The tomb looked ancient, but the treasures were still intact, which meant that it had gone completely undiscovered for an incredibly long time. No one would come to rescue him here, she was certain. Besides, she had rarely been in a position where she could let a victim properly scream and beg, though it was too bad that she didn't know his language. She'd have to do something about that.

Her prey backed against the broken wall, crying pitifully as he held his hands out, clearly begging her for mercy. She took his hands in her own, yanking him forward to tumble against her, the man falling face-first between her breasts, which were much more pliable and sticky now that her insides were on the mend. He couldn't help but pause there and take a deep breath before renewing his efforts to back away.

She pulled his head up, giving him a wicked grin before kissing him as deeply as she had his friend. In contract, his tongue shied away from her, and she had a bit of fun chasing it around his mouth. But of course, now that her mouth and throat were a bit more wet, maybe she should kiss the other end. It'd been, she assumed, far too long since she tasted a throbbing organ in her mouth.

Anat shoved him back again, and Ferachio landed hard on the rubble, crying out at the broken stone against his back. She was on him before he could pull himself back up, kneeling so that her knees pinned his lower legs, and placing one hand down against his belly as the other pulled open his pants. She tore open the strange metallic stitches holding his pants on and the button above it, then yanked his underwear down with such force that she ripped a strip of cloth out and tossed it aside.

She licked her lips down at his engorged member, no amount of terror could make it otherwise when she was the manner of his execution. She leaned forward once more, taking a moment to lap her tongue up the side of his face to gather his tears, then suckled them down hungrily as she moved her mouth lower on his body. His tears became outright sobbing as he felt her now-warm breath against his throbbing member.

Anat traced her lithe fingers around the top of his shaft, gripping it as the bandages fell free from her hand. She ran her tongue up the front, taking it slow to savor the contradictory fear and arousal coursing through him. Now that she could sense the flow of emotions better, she gained even more power simply by enjoying them. Still, she wasn't whole inside, and she could feel her lower tunnel pulling apart slowly as it moistened. She needed more energy.

Slurping at one testicle and then the other, she moved her lips slowly upwards, slurping her lips over the head as her fingers rubbed down the saliva slickened rod. The other hand squeezed his delicious sack enough to make his weeping go up and octave, but he was now too frozen in fear to even move away.

As she enjoyed him, she worked her power into his head again. While learning his language would take time, she could invade his mind enough to communicate the same, and understand his babbling that way. Finally his words began to make sense to her.

"Please, you don't have to do this!" Ferachio's begging was as delicious as she hoped. "I-I have a wife and kids... I can bring you other guys, I'll go into town and tell others about the treasure here, you'll have plenty of energy to drain then! Please... just... not me... come on."

"Stop complaining, fool," her voice boomed into his head and he understood the words through the link. "You should be thankful. After all, you have to die some way, and how many mortals get to experience being fucked to death by a soul-eating succubus?"

"E-eating my soul?" the man sobbed.

"That's right," she said. "I hope you weren't looking forward to having an afterlife."

Fakku, though only hearing half the conversation, began to frantically search for other ways out. She let him search, but snapped her power to the remaining torch to put it out, leaving both of them in pitch darkness. Now all Fakku had to go on to hide from her was the wet sound of her gorging herself on his friend's cock.

While Ferachio's mind bathed in increasing horror, his body had no complaints, especially when her talented tongue began its work. As she pushed his mouth further down onto his rod, the devilishly long muscle wrapped around it, slathering it with spit as her warmth surrounded it. She continued pressing down more with each bob of her head,

Pushing him to the back of her throat, Anat swallowed down his meat, his back arching as he felt the tight throat around him. Though she'd done this enough in life to have no gag reflex, she choked on it anyway to increase the stimulation, wanting to feel the opposite emotions clash together more within him. She took it all the way down until her nose pressed against his belly, both hands now sliding down to grasp at his balls, running her gifted fingers over them like warm spring water over stones.

Normally the man would have popped almost immediately, but whenever she felt him nearing the edge, she gave his sack a firm squeeze, rubbing his testicles together until they felt like they might pop in her fingers, then continued the previous massage after he'd backed off. The throat massage never ended though, moving her head in long strokes to encompass his entire length before pulling almost completely out. With each push inward, her softening neck swelled with his girth.

His begging had devolved into bitter sobbing, so she slowly began to turn herself around as she continued to go down on him. She pulled the bandages away from her nethers as she did, pulling the wet cloth away from her before seating herself over his face.

"Here," she said into his mind. "Get me nice and wet for cock. Your friend's cock, because you'll be a desiccated corpse by the time I get done with foreplay and want to sit on one."

She rubbed herself against his face, tweaking against his nose before rubbing more formly about his chin and mouth. He put his hands on her hips as if to try to push her away, but gave up after a few seconds and actually dug his fingernails into her hips.

"Good boy," she said to him. "Accept the inevitable and enjoy the last thing you'll ever taste."

Shortly after seeming to give in, his chest heaved as he realized her fluid tasted more like rot than proper secretions, but that wasn't her problem. She continued to grind on his face, stinging his eyes and slathering his face with her lustful oil. Her arousal rose, and so did the energy she slowly drained from him.

She could tell that he could feel the tingle inside as her power drained him slowly but steadily of his energy. Now that he'd seen what happened to Kissu, he knew exactly where it was going, and his fear ramped up as he neared the inevitable. His hands shivered as his veins seemed to turn green and pulse grotesquely from his arms, his belly sinking in slightly.

"Hurts..." he got out a single word, sounding gargled as he swallowed the goo puddling in his throat.

"You have no idea how much agony is in store," she promised him. She savored more of his despair and stoked it with her thoughts into his mind. "I've theorized that a devoured soul is locked in that state, a near eternity of torment within me as it withers away."

Her energy had increased enough for her telepathic taunts to be heard by Fakku as well, and she could hear him whimpering as he once again tried to hide. Without seeing, all he could do is get far away from the wet sound of her mouth on Ferachio's cock.

"Now cum for me," she purred. "When you do, I'll end it."

It was amusing to see him try desperately not to now that she'd given him permission. Even with the growing sickness within him though, her tongue coiling around his shaft as she scarfed it down repeatedly was too much for him to handle for very long. He tried to reach his hands to squeeze his own balls to pull him back from it again, but found himself too weak to do more than shiver the decaying limbs.

He cried out as he finally came, but there wasn't an ounce of pleasure within that screech. More than seed bubbled up from beneath, shaft bursting a flood that was more blood and rotting flesh than sperm, the agony peaking within his groin to levels he'd never known were possible as the deathgasm rattled through his form.

The shaft literally exploded within her mouth, splitting down the side and bursting apart, but she didn't mind one bit. She gnawed into the flesh, the taste of freshly rotten flesh sliding between her teeth and around her lengthy tongue. She tore the rest of the flesh from his groin, leaving a gore-sputtering hole as she looked down at him. The last thing he saw was her gnawing at what remained of his equipment open-mounted with a large grin on her face before the last of his soul melted into her own.

Leaving his husk behind, she stood and turned to view the rest of the chamber, body glowing lightly as she strode across the room. She tore the remainder of the bandages free from her form, leaving her luscious body uncovered. Though her beauty might have been debatable with the gore now dribbling down her face onto her beefy breasts, leaving a trail of dribbled blood and the secretions drooling down her thighs as she walked.

"Did you hear his final screams?" Anat asked in her most sensuous voice. "That's going to be you... though I think I'll be devouring your shaft with my other lips, consider yourself lucky, the only one of the three that gets to feel the inside of my ageless passage before your soul sinks into oblivion within me."

She knew where he was hiding, but pretended to be about to walk by. As soon as she felt a slight twinge of relief though, she turned suddenly, shoving the stone statue out of the way where he hid and grabbing him by the neck. He squealed like an altar girl at her first fertility ritual as she flipped him over and slammed him back-down onto the floor.

He was so dizzy from the impact and fear of what was coming that he couldn't defend himself as she grabbed the collar of his shirt and tore downward. Her power returned, she ripped off the cloth easily, then grabbed the buckle of his pants and did the same, leaving shreds of cloth around them as she eagerly disrobed him.

Fakku's shaft had started to go soft, but as she straddled his hips and her hot fluid drained over it like melted wax, it began to throb towards full hardness again. Luckily she had inadvertently saved the largest cock for last, licking her lips as she looked down upon it.

When he tried to reach up to push her off, she grabbed both his arms within her own hands, bending back his hands to effortlessly snap his wrists, leaving him screaming as she let them fall back to his sides. She laughed, grasping his throbbing member in one hand and pushing his tip to her entrance, the other hand massaging the red pudding that had once been his friend's dick into her now very pliable breasts.

With her glowing body the only source of light in the room, all he could do was stare in abject horror as she lowered herself down. His body couldn't help but respond still, pressing his hips upwards in response to her lower lips clenching at him, her drenched vulva sliding down every detail and not stopping until their bellies slapped together with a lewd smack.

"Oh fuck it..." the man was still sobbing, but apparently had decided to savor his last moments of life since he couldn't escape. He grasped her hips as well as he could with his broken wrists, feeling his upper arms over her thick hips and ramming his hips upwards into the pleasure pudding that he knew would soon enough betray him.

"Good boy, give your soul to me," she purred as she leaned forward, sliding her gooey hands over his body. "But don't expect me to go easy on you for it. I'm going to cum so hard to your torment before I leave your shriveled cadaver in this tomb."

His giving in didn't make his panic less savory, if anything it made it more so when it swirled about the lust he allowed to freely bubble up between the gaps. She panted as her pussy convulsed to stir his shaft within her, rolling her hips with practiced movements to slather him. She leaned forward, letting her breasts press against his heaving chest as she kissed him deeply, and he actually responded by pushing his tongue awkwardly against her far more talented one.

As riled up as she was, she tried to still take it slow, wanting to feel a proper orgasm inside her nethers before breaking her toy. She didn't have long to wait, the man clearly having never dipped into a hole quiet like hers. She had barely gotten her thrusting to full speed before he was bathing her tunnel in a fountain of thick sperm, flooding upwards and eagerly charging her ovaries.

She wasn't done though, so neither was he. She continued pounding him, the charge of her pussy pulling energy through his shaft keeping him hard as he started to feel the first tingles of the rot inside of him. He clenched his teeth as she lapped at his face, drinking up his tears that still flowed as his hip movements became erratic. Her breasts bounced heavily, pounding his chest with her movements, knocking the wind out of him more as he weakened.

"Don't be afraid to scream for me," she panted against his face. "You should get practice shrieking now, because your soul will be doing a lot of it after I leave your dry husk behind."

She smiled, shivering as he began to sob beneath her, but still willingly pushed his hips up as well. She redoubled her efforts to get him off, hips doubling in speed until they were a blur of light within the dark tomb. Her nails dug into his chest as he stared up at her pitifully, unable to take his eyes off the sadistic glee on the woman who was devouring his soul.

Anat didn't even need the extra energy at this point; she was just doing it now to get her rocks off hard, and what more reason did she need? Now that she returned to a world that was probably ill-prepared for her, she had no reason not to indulge as often as she could.

"I don't deserve this..." wept the man beneath him, even as her vaginal muscles clenched him again and milked out another orgasm from his charged shaft, the only part of him not yet turning greenish from the rot slowly bubbling up from within. His pleasure was slowly turning to agony, as if his senses had been reversed. Even the feeling of her hot wet flesh around his shaft intensified until it was an ocean of torment.

"I know," Anat purred lustfully as she lapped at more of his tears. "Isn't it so much more arousing than it'd be with a well-deserving victim? All that matters to me is that my pussy gets the attention that she deserves."

His arms were only loosely grasping her hips and finally fell away as his hip movements slowed to a twitch and then completely stopped. All he could do now was convulse as his body bruised from internal bleeding. She dragged out his suffering as much as she could, but her passage was begging for climax as well, and she didn't want to tease it forever.

Fakku's second orgasm lasted several minutes, and he screamed at the agony of it not stopping. Slowly the flow of cum reddened, overflowing and drooling down her thighs and his plump sack. His balls seemed to implode as the rotting flesh within collapsed and shot into her pussy with the rest of the gore, swelling his shaft as it was forced through. He'd given it his all not to shriek, but now he couldn't stop, at least until one of his lungs burst from the rot and pressure, his screaming replaced by a fountain of blood bubbling up from his mouth.

She'd kept him alive longer than the others, but finally let him go as she went over the edge as well. All the pent up time of not getting the pleasure she needed burst forth at once, her pussy clenching tightly. It was like a tight stone passage crushing him, completely destroying his shaft as it imploded around him, her juice spraying out around him so violently that a mist of her fluid rained down upon the tomb.

Anat looked down at him with satisfaction as his body heaved and collapsed, fragile ribs shattering at the impact of her heavy breasts against him as she continued to thrust through her orgasm. His shaft was torn off his body as she continued to move her hips, but she kept going through her orgasm before she finally stood on shaking legs. The last thing Fakku saw was her pussy relaxing to spill out his crushed and severed cock, which fell onto his stomach with a splat.[1]

At the end, she was left with three skeletons on the floor, crushed and broken, looking as if they'd lay on the tomb floor for eons given their condition. With her newfound strength, she heaved aside the large stones blocking the passage, allowing new light from the outside to once again grace the quiet death within the ruin.

As she strutted out, naked body wet with sweat, cum, and blood, she left the treasures behind. That wasn't important to her, after all, not as important as the still-growing hunger between her legs. Maybe she'd come back for it later, but for now, she wanted to find the nearest village. She needed a lot of cock to sate her after so long without.

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