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I have always suffered with severe motion sickness in my own weird way.

Motion Sickness
by Keaton Foster

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In a pond,
A puddle,
In a stream,
I muddle.
The dream.
An ocean of belief,
In a sea of questions
Yet to be answered.
I’m asking myself,
I’m asking all else.
I’m alone
On a boat
With no captain,
Nor crew.
There is just this,
Sick indeed.
Waves crash aside,
Rocking me around,
Tossing me about.
I stand for myself,
Falling for all else.
On the floor,
Looking up,
Seeing truth,
The second
I wish to believe
Creatures deeper
Are waiting.
They know
What I don’t.
White the waves,
Blue the folds.
The sounds
Falling around,
Reminding me
You are alive.
In the middle,
Deeper depths,
Sadness regressed.
Falling down,
Sinking around.
Leaks have sprung,
Too many holes
Must be plugged.
The pressure
Greater inside
Than out.
Maybe I’m sinking,
Maybe I’m going
To a realm of those
I feel most akin to.
Waiting to feast,
Leaving a world
Of other people
Already eating,
Chewing at my soul,
At these bones.
Substance is gone,
All that remains,
All that I am,
All that I seem,
Putrid refuse.
Death will be mine,
A welcomed time.
But before I go,
Before I sink
Into myself
And all else,
I can’t help but to think
Of my dreams,
My questions,
And lack of answers.
What do I know?
What will I never?
I must persist.
Am I ready to go,
Or am I meant to remain?
Regardless of state
Or the fate of my vessel,
Must I journey on?
No land in sight,
Only deeper seas
In darker oceans.
Blackness unbound
By my unique view,
Brought on
By an inability to reside
In a pond,
A puddle,
In a stream,
I muddle.
The dream.
An ocean of belief,
In a sea of questions
Yet to be answered.
Down I could go,
My only hope.
Am I stone,
Or am I porous?
Something else…

Written by Keaton Foster Copyright © 2008-2021


This poem dives into the depths of existential contemplation and the journey of self-discovery amidst overwhelming uncertainties. The imagery of water and the sea serves as a metaphor for the subconscious mind, where dreams, questions, and beliefs are intertwined with the struggle for meaning and identity.


Metaphor of Water: The use of water in various forms—pond, puddle, stream, ocean—symbolizes different states of mind and stages of life. The transition from smaller bodies of water to the vast ocean reflects the growth of the narrator's consciousness and the complexity of their existential inquiries ("In a pond / A puddle / In a stream / I muddle / Repeated / The dream").

Existential Isolation: The narrator is alone on a boat without a captain or crew, symbolizing the solitary nature of their journey through life and self-discovery ("I’m alone / On a boat / With no captain / Nor crew").

Struggle and Persistence: Despite the chaotic and tumultuous environment ("Waves crash aside / Rocking me around"), the narrator persists in their quest for understanding and meaning, grappling with inner turmoil and external pressures ("I stand for myself / Falling for all else").

Deep Questions and Uncertainty: The poem reflects a deep yearning for knowledge and answers, juxtaposed with the fear of the unknown ("Creatures deeper / Are waiting / They know / What I don’t"). The sea of questions and the ocean of belief illustrate the vast, unanswered mysteries the narrator faces.

Life and Death: There is a contemplation of life, death, and what lies beyond, indicating a struggle with thoughts of mortality and existential purpose ("Death will be mine / A welcomed time / But before I go / Before I sink"). This reflects a common human experience of pondering the end while trying to make sense of the present.

Hope and Despair: The poem balances between hope ("Floating / My only hope") and despair ("Maybe I’m sinking / Maybe I’m going / To a realm of those / I feel most akin to"), capturing the fluctuating emotions of someone in deep contemplation.

Identity and Self-Reflection: The narrator questions their own nature and identity ("Am I stone / Or am I porous / Alive / Something else…"), indicating a search for self-understanding and acceptance amidst the confusion.


The poem can be interpreted as a reflection on the human condition, where the journey through life is likened to navigating an unpredictable and often treacherous sea. The imagery of water represents the fluid and ever-changing nature of existence, while the boat symbolizes the self, adrift and seeking stability in a world of uncertainties. The narrator’s questions and lack of answers emphasize the ongoing struggle to find meaning and purpose, suggesting that this journey is both deeply personal and universally shared. The poem ultimately portrays the resilience required to persist through life's challenges, maintaining hope and seeking understanding despite the overwhelming odds.

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