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ACT 1 - Magical seat cushions fight for their sitter against a growing threat "Pain".

The Cushion brothers were always wanting to be useful.

Cus, Shi, and On got the Queens nerves.

She sent them to Earth as punishment

People were fascinated with sitting on them.

It relieved their lower back pain. Made them happy.

The brother's noticed that the humans could not see the "Pain"

Hunched over creatures. That leeched onto them. Usually through the spine.

The Cushions would eliminate the pain.

There, they saw it. And decided to become...


Cus, Shi, and On traveled the world healing people.

and this is how Cush-Hero begins!

Dr. Toast has started her practice as an Orthopedist. Young and ambitious to help. "First day." she says with a smile on her face. Unlocking the front door. "Huh...What's this?" A box with a letter read. I KNOW YOU WANT TO HELP CHANGE LIVES. INSIDE ARE THREE VERY MAGICAL SEAT CUSHIONS THAT ONLY WANT TO BE USEFUL. CUSH-HERO. Confused yet amused she brings in the box. Inside the package there are three different looking cushions that all seem to give off their own individual personality. A red one, which looks enthusiastic and fearless. A blue one who has a keen wit to it. And the most stuffed cushion out of the group, which looks shy, loving, and a tad naïve.

The bell chimes as her first patient of the day walks in. Detective Martinez. A woman who has dedicated her career to catching criminals.

"Good Morning, Ms. Martinez. I'm ready for you. Please follow me into room A."

Room A is very cozy.

"So, I remember us talking over the phone about some back pains you've been having." says the doctor.

"Oh yes, I sure do. Especially towards my lower back."

"Do you spend a lot of time sitting Ms. Martinez?"

"I hate to admit it but I spend hours pounding away at my desk. Being a detective isn't always as exciting as it seems." she admits.

"That's not good for you. You need to take breaks. Or at least invest in a proper type of chair. I know you are very fit and all but sometimes that is not enough. I'm going to give you a list of some very highly recommended seat cushions and office chairs you may be interested in. You can't catch the bad guys if your current seat is draining the life out of you."

As Dr. Toast walks her client out. Detective Martinez spots the cushions.

"Cush-Hero... Those are cute and charming." says the detective. "Are they for sale?"

"Actually, they're not. I just got those guys in today. They still haven't been used. "Oh. I know. How about you take one! Until you get your own. And let me know how it feels in your next appointment."

"That's a great idea. And what perfect timing too. I have this disappearance case that was just placed on my desk. I'll be glued to my desk all night. The blue one looks good. It kind of looks like it wearing glasses." she jokes. "Guess I picked the smart one." "

And look at that. They all have straps on them so you can take them anywhere."

She picks up the blue cushion and says her goodbyes.


"If you going to stay after hours again Detective. Make sure to activate all the alarms when you go." Said a chubby police officer who took a giant bite out of his donut.

The night grew old as Martinez hunched over he desk. "Ugh, my back." as she stretched in her seat. "Oh wait! The cushion!"

She set the blue cushion on her seat. "Let's see what you can do." She hovers over her chair as she slowly sits on her new cushion. "Soft, yet firm. A little bouncy. So far so good."

A few minutes in she feels a light warmth from her cushion. Almost feels like it is breathing. She ignores it a continues her work. Seconds turn to minutes and minutes into hours.

She reaches over to get a post it note. Shi eyes looks back and forth before it gets covered in darkness.

The room begins to feel cold and uncomfortable. She hears something coming from the office window. So she rolls over in her seat to take a look outside. Then see catches a glimpse of something in the reflection. She stands and turns around in frantic. A hunched over purple slug like creature lunges towards her.

Shi got in the way of her and knocked the creature back. In fear the creature fled.

"What just happened here..." she says in disbelief.

"I'm Shi. Your magic cushion and you are my sitter. My purpose is to protect you from those grotesque creatures, known as Pains.

"I... I... still don't get what's going on." The detective muttered out.

"I thought you were the one that supposed to have the brains here. But I am goin to make this very simple. I am here to prevent those things from getting to you. If I fail, which is possible if we speak in terms of chances and predictability and... I digress. If I don't help you. You will become a bigger worse version of them. Which we call Crankies. And Crankies are not as coward less as that other one.

"I'm talking to my seat cushion." Ms. Martinez looks around to see if this was some type of joke.

"Have you always been able to talk and move?"

"Oh yes. Since I was a tiny cushion and I was stuffed with magic and sealed." Shi responds.

"Oh my god. I have been sitting on you for hours. I even..."

"Yes, yes, I know what you did. Flatulence is common with you guys."

"I'm so embarrassed." she blushes.

"Don't be. What you should really be embarrassed about was that singing of yours." Shi commented.

Ms. Martinez face got angry. "Well now I don't feel bad about squishing you. You little jerk."

"Good. Never feel bad. That is our purpose. Our job is to support you when life's pressure are tough. Keep you away from injuries. It might not be the most glamorous task to have. But me and my brothers do it with pride." Shi says.

"There are more of you?"

"For now it's me and my brothers. More are on their way." the cushion responded.

"Why would Dr. Toast get me involved with this mayhem. I just had back pains. I didn't want to be fighting off monsters. Doesn't she see I have my hands full already with non-magic criminals?"

"We haven't got a chance to introduce ourselves to her yet. But her destiny is to change the world. Save people from Pains. You are lucky you saw her when you did. Especially someone who spends as much time rested as you do." Shi adds

The detective looks at the clock. "It's late and I still haven't finished up my investigation. Are those Pains coming back?"

"If they do I will be here to protect you. I promise. All hail my Sitter." Shi salutes.

"Call me Elyssa."

"Sitter Elyssa it is."

She smiles and sits back at her desk.

Shi stares at her.

"Oh. I am suppose to sit on you right?"

Shi nods. "It reduces the chances of Pains stopping by."

Elyssa stands up as Shi positions himself.

"Tap my leg if you need to breath or take a break. Okay?"

"This is what I was put on this planet to do. I like being useful."

Elyssa smiles. "My pain did go away when I was on top of you."

Before Shi can utter out another word. Elyssa plopped down into her magic seat.

"If you can hear me down there. I wont sing anymore I promise Shi."

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