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Turkeys are living things so what does that mean for thanksgiving dinner?
The weather had gone from really warm or just plain darn hot at times to cool with the last 6-8 weeks. Thanksgiving was right around the corner and the kids were getting ready to break for thanksgiving. Jessie and James were 6-year-old twins in the first grade. They were best friends and did everything together they were even in the same class. Their teacher Mrs. Weagner love the twins even if they at times were full of mischief. Jessie with her long brown hair down to her bum and bright blue eyes and James with his long brown hair falling to the middle of his back with bright green eyes that seemed to sparkle when he was up to something. Both the twins were unusually tall towering almost a foot above most of their classmates.

The twins love holidays and most of all Thanksgiving because they were born on Thanksgiving day you see. Their mom had said that was one of the best Thanksgiving's we ever had because we got two Thanksgiving turkeys that year she would affectionately tease them both. The twins had an older sister who couldn't quite be bothered with them because she was 15, long and lean, blond and beautiful with piercing grey eyes that seem to look clear through to your soul, long legs that went on for days, and a snappy attitude most of the time. They also had a little brother that was almost two, he was fat and plump like a butterball turkey with light brown hair and black eyes like his mom. The mom was very beautiful but just in an unusual kind of way a kind of beauty you just couldn't quite put your finger on. The father was a tall man with blond hair and blue eyes. He was built like The Rock Dewayne Johnson but looked like Johnny Depp.

This was a very happy little American family that worked or went to school, went to church, hung out with friends and family you know seemingly regular people.Things however are not always as they seem as we will soon learn.

Everything changed however on that one fall crisp day, the last day of school I believe it was.
The twins were standing outside at the bus stop they were alone but mom was watching from the big picture window in the living room as all ways. The wind was blowing kind of hard and they were bundled up talking waiting for the bus. When all of a sudden a turkey feather caught their eye. Upon taking a closer look the feather seemed to shimmer just a little bit when the sunlight hit it just so. The braver twin Jessie reached out and picked it up. Just as she did the bus came around the corner, so she stuffed it in her bookbag, and she and her brother got on the bus.

All-day long Jessie thought about the turkey feather it was as if it was calling to her.

Word count:500 words
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