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Amelia has the perfect gift in mind to give to Mom for Christmas, but no money to buy it.
With Christmas only days away, Amelia paced the floor.
“I want to buy that pen for Mom I saw in Franklin’s Store.
I know how much she loves to write, but rarely gets the chance.
She works all day to pay the bills so I can go to dance.”

Amelia shook her piggy bank. It didn’t make a sound
She searched her pockets, bed and drawers. A dime was all she found.
She sighed, then said, with head in hands, “There has to be a way
to generate the funds I need in time for Christmas Day!

Amelia put her jacket on and headed to the park,
the place she went for answers when she had to find a spark.
And though she meant to think of how to raise the money needed,
she came across a feather and her urgency receded.

“I think it’s from a turkey, but, no matter what its kind,
it looks just like the feather from the pen I had in mind!
“I’ll take it home and make my own by using art supplies.
Oh, won’t my mom be happy when she opens her surprise!”

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