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Spiritual message.
A Message

         Spirits message to you.

          I can understand your mindset. Most of you in this world has one of fear, pain, and feels injustice. It feels so intense now everyone in the world wants to kick down their neighbors door. Not with the intentions to work things out, but with the intention to kill whomever is behind that door. If I can't change your mind that is not the best choice forward. What chance do I have to change the whole worlds mind? Where does peace, or forgiveness start? One person at a time.

          There is so much potential going forward. Maybe you like the idea of the apocalypse? Everyone dying. It's not necessary for life, in fact it's detrimental to it. Prophecy was foretold to stop you. To show the ending if you didn't change, and not to make a truth. To make a choice, not to make the apocalyptic ending! It was a warning only! I vowed if there's a way to stop it, I will. Please change your mind! The whole world needs your love. Without it your whole world ends. Yours, then all others. So you ask if what you do matters? Yes! You may not think so, but it does. Your imagination made your reality. What you dream becomes. What I dream becomes. If what we dream about causes chaos, then the whole world becomes chaotic to us. How do I make you understand? Maybe I can't, and this plead to you is in vain. Said God to God's alter ego, you!

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