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by Aaa
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Draft for my next Boys Will Be Girls chapter
Back at their hotel room, Adam stared at the dildo. Some things didn't make sense, this most of all. Sure, dildos may have existed at the time, but they would have been some animal skin or something. Not a modern silicone dildo. How was that possible? Was it connected to the voice in his head, telling him to use it? Telling him how lovely, how natural it would feel inside him? He felt like he was going crazy, and it wasn't until he looked in the mirror that he found himself wearing the crown and necklace, holding the sceptre. He licked his lips, feeling like a Queen. The voice whispered to him, telling him it was a shame he wasn't womanlier.

Making sure Simon was working on the forgeries, he found that Simon wore noise cancelling headphones, too caught up in his work and the music to hear anything coming from Adam's room. Rushing back to his room, and locking the door, he placed the dildo on the floor, then, taking off all his clothes, he lowered himself onto it, moaning softly as it slid up him. Slowly he began to move up and down, sliding the dildo as he moaned. Caught in his pleasure, he didn't notice as his neck slimmed, his hair grew longer, and his skin began to tan to a Mediterranean copper. His nose changed to an aquiline shape, as his breasts grew out further.

When he finally noticed the changes, he was shocked, but couldn't help but moan as he bobbed up and down on the dildo. He didn't know why, but he needed to look like a Queen, a smoking hot Egyptian goddess, and as he moaned, the voice whispered in his mind, "You look just like Queen Niratitti, you ARE Queen Niratitti. You were never Adam, just a vessel for my return to this world, ever since you picked up my artifacts, silly man. Merge our minds together, cum, and be free of the shackles of manhood, cum and become the Queen, you always knew you wanted to be." He knew something was wrong when the voice said that, but couldn't pull himself away from the dildo, every time he tried, he sat right back upon it.

Finally, it became too much, and Adam came, harder than he had ever done before. No woman could compare to the pleasure he felt, as his mind, and what he knew now to be the spirit of Queen Niratitti merged together.


Adam ceased to exist, and Queen Niratitti rose in his place. Naked, with her crown, scepter and necklace, her mind merged with Adam's, and she retained all memories of her life, and his. She remembered her reign as a forgotten golden age, where she was unjustly cast down for being a woman, so she had turned to dark magics and taken her revenge. It had led to her death, but now she had returned, and still retained the magics she once. Now she would scheme and take back her throne once more.

From Adam's memories she knew of Simon the forger. He was just as guilty as Adam, stealing her priceless artifacts, making forgeries and selling them. A pitiful man, but she would reward him for helping to reawaken her. She unlocked her room door, and strode over to Simon's, careful to walk gracefully, as a Queen should do. She walked into his room, seeing Simon still wearing the headphones, concentrating on yet another forgery. She removed the headphones, leaving the man confused, before shooshing him and creating an excuse. "Your friend Adam hired me, told me to show you a good time, why don't you join me in bed? I guarantee you will leave a new person when we're done."


Simon was quite shocked when a naked Egyptian woman walked into his room, wearing the priceless artifacts they had collected. He was going to make her take them off before she put a finger against his lips and invited him to fuck her. Part of him knew this was a mistake, that he needed to leave, but looking into her eyes felt like he was hypnotised. He could always come back to his work later, right now he had a gorgeous babe waiting for him. The very thought that he had a girlfriend waiting for him back home was forgotten, and he eagerly undressed for the woman.

"What's your name by the way?" He asked, throwing his clothes to the side as soon as they were off. "Queen Niratti, you will always call me Queen Niratti, Mistress, or my Queen, understood?" The woman replied. Smoking hot and dominating, he felt himself growing even harder. The woman lowered herself onto the bed, waiting for him, reclining on his pillows. As soon as he was undressed, he followed her. Soon they were kissing, as she wrapped her legs around him, while he penetrated her.
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