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A journey into self discovery


Chapter 1 It's Time To Let Go

Chapter 2 What do you wish to become?

Chapter 3 Personal Mastery, Be the Best You Can Be!

Chapter 4 How Jesus Can Make A Difference In Your Life

Chapter 5 Jesus Christ -
The World's Lighthouse to Salvation

Chapter 6 My testimony



It's Time To Let Go

Humans have a habit of making their lives complex by holding on to things that really don't matter. But the problem is it's not easy to decide which things to keep and which ones to let go. Then there are certain habits everybody has that they should let go off sooner than later to find some relief and inner happiness. I am listing some of those things that everyone should let go of without thinking twice.
Let go of trying to please everyone. You are not meant to do things to please others, so it's better to let go of this habit right away. This includes letting go of the plans others have made for you and the expectations people have from you. Believe me, such people may be your well-wishers but their wish of your well being will never come true this way. Design your life the way you want to so that you will never have regrets about not following your mind and heart.
Let go of procrastination. It leads to inaction which is never beneficial. Get rid of the words like 'someday', 'one day', 'when the time will come' and replace them with 'right now' because those moments will never show up that will be perfect to do something you dream about doing. Take the first step right away and don't worry if you will get the expected result. It's beyond your control anyway.
Let go of fear and pressure. What are you afraid of? Haven't bad things still happened even when you were being very cautious? Stop being too careful while doing things. Do what your inner voice tells you to do. Don't worry about the consequences; you can't change them by feeling pressure. Stop taking the pressure of your job which you certainly don't love and stop getting paralysed by the thought of losing it. Whatever may happen, it will be for the greater good. Take it easy and be fearless and carefree in your endeavours.
Let go of self-loathing thoughts and learn to love, respect and care about yourself before anybody else. It will boost up your self-esteem and make people value you more than they do now. The person who isn't kind to himself is always treated the same way by others. It may sound selfish but it is best to put yourself before others. Nobody cares about your sacrifices these days. Never neglect yourself.
Let go of toxic relationships. The people who are not contributing to your well-being and doing the opposite instead are not meant to be with you for any longer. Spend time with people who are inspiring, encouraging, supportive and uplifting. Those who impart only negativity in your life and tend to suck all that is positive in you do not deserve to be in even a mile of you. Stay as far away from them as possible.
Let go of all the negativity in your life. Stop expecting that only bad things will happen to you. Self-doubt always results in terrible consequences. No matter if your previous hundred efforts have failed, never lose faith in your abilities and keep trying new approaches. Improving your mindset will definitely turn your life into an amazing journey.
Let go of petty thinking and closed-mindedness. They are the biggest hurdles in achieving greatness. Always dream big and keep your mind open to new things as it may lead to new innovations. Never be afraid to try new things; you never know what might turn out to be a life-changing experience. New experiences make your life rich and exciting.
Let go of disbelief in your dreams. Your dreams are the only things that make your life seem worthwhile to you. When you don't believe in them, your zeal and efforts start to fade away slowly and result in failure. Always keep in mind that people who achieve their dreams are not extraordinary; it's just that they never stop believing in their dreams and themselves. Dreams are never impossible and nobody is ever unworthy of his dreams.
Let go of being too engrossed in things that matter less. They make you unnecessarily too busy to pay attention to the things or people that matter to you the most. No matter how busy you feel you are, always find time to do things you love and meet people you think are important to you. Make everything else secondary and never waste too much time on them.
Let go of worrying about people's perception of yourself. Such worries might ruin the most special moments of your life. Imagine what if while your best friend gives you a hug in public, all you can be aware of is that people are looking at you and judging you constantly. Believe me, you can never satisfy these 'people'. However, you might end up missing those special moments when you need them the most. So choose wisely whom you want to please.
You can be damn sure that you can live a great life full of happiness and love just by learning how to let go!

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Chapter 2

What Do You Wish To BECOME?

Although, it seems, often, as some get older, instead of becoming wiser, and more, self - satisfied, far - too many, rue their past, and question, why they feel, they never became, what they have the potential, to BECOME! In fact, most individuals, never, really, take the time, nor, make a concerted effort, to give themselves, a comprehensive, objective, introspective, check - up, from the neck - up, in order to consider, and ponder, what they want, their personal priorities, wishes/ desires, and how to move - forward, in the pursuit of becoming the type of individual, they believe, they want to be!
For most, happiness is a vague concept, and, rather, than seeking the best course, choose, a path, of least resistance! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, and why it matters.

1.Beliefs; benefits; best/ better:
Have you ever wondered, whether your beliefs, were, your own, and, in your best interests, or, whether, you simply, prioritised, trying to fit - in? Although, the benefits, should be fairly - obvious, many don't take this, into consideration, until, they look back, at why, they weren't as happy, or satisfied, as they may have hoped, to be! Will you accept, good - enough, or demand, doing your best, and taking steps, and opportunities, to consistently, become better?
2.Efforts; emphasis; enrich: How do your personal efforts, constantly, enrich your existence, and help you, place most of your emphasis, in a more - focused manner?
3. Character; create; care; comfort zone; consistent: When, taking a closer look, inside, pay close attention, to your quality of character, and whether, you are consistent, in your actions, and attitude! How will you create, the best approach, for you, personally? Is your personal comfort zone, restricting your possibilities, and how much, do you really, care, about, the inevitable results?

4. Options; opportunities; open - mind; opinions; opt: While, it is important to develop, personal opinions, be certain, yours, are based on facts, research, reality, and your personal needs, goals, priorities, and perceptions! How carefully, will you examine and consider the potential options, and alternatives, with an open - mind, in order to ensure, you opt, for the best approach, for you?
5. Motivations; make mark; morals; morale: What motivates you, and why? What would you define, as making your mark, for the better? Maintaining your ethics, and morals, perhaps, is the best way, to maintain your personal morale!

Excellence; endurance; esteem: Will you choose, personal excellence, or settle for the easier, to achieve, good - enough? Will you maintain the necessary level of endurance and persistence, to maximise, and justify, a higher, self ?esteem?

Do you know, what you really, wish, to BECOME? Are you prepared, to become, truly, your best friend, consistently, and persistently?

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Chapter 3

Personal Mastery, Be the Best You Can Be!

People with a high level of personal mastery live in a continual state of learning. This means that they're always "en route" but never actually "arrive." Sometimes others, when seeing people who have reached this level of awareness, assign to these people a sense of superiority, of over-confidence, of finality. But this is incorrect. Personal mastery is not something people "possess." Rather, it is a process, it is a life-long discipline. People with a high level of personal mastery are acutely aware of their ignorance, their limitations, the areas in their life that need more work.
They are the ones who see the "journey" as the reward. Personal mastery goes beyond competence and skills, although it involves them; it goes beyond intelligence and learning, although it involves them; it goes beyond spiritual awareness and a spiritual awakening, although it involves them. Personal mastery is a special kind of proficiency. It has nothing to do with conceit and cockiness and everything to do with curiosity and calling. It is based on the firm yet simple belief that people have a personal responsibility to be the best they can be.

"The human mind has no limits,
it has no boundaries, but we need to push ourselves
if we're ever to discover who we really are
and what we're really made of - if we're ever
to unlock the power that lies within."

-- Dr. Walter Doyle Staples

What is it like for you?
Is it all you want it to be?
Who is in control?
Do YOU want to be in control?
Do you know HOW TO TAKE control?
These are very important questions as you march down the road to your future.

What does it mean to you?
Is it important?
Do you know how to go about having it?
For our purposes, we will define success as the on-going process of discovering who you really are and what you can accomplish in your life, and revelling in the knowing! This involves pursuing new interests, trying new things, meeting new people, exploring new avenues, all to challenge yourself - your thinking, your abilities, your beliefs, and your character!

The one critical question everyone wants to answer is,

"How can I become more successful at life?".

So let me ask, "Is there anything you can't learn more about in order to do it better?". Of course not, including how to get more out of life - the secrets of success. There must be secrets, right? Otherwise, all of us would be living the type of lives we only dream about. And I'm sure you agree, most of us aren't doing that.

Here are some facts about success.

1. Success is NOT an accident. It is the result of doing the right things right.
2. Success leaves CLUES that can be observed, studied and duplicated.
3. Success is a CAUSE AND EFFECT process that always begins with your own personal thoughts.
4. You can LEARN to exercise greater control over your thoughts and actions, and hence determine their effects in your life. So we see that success in life is like any other science: it can be studied, learned and mastered just like mathematics, physics or chemistry.

Many people become preoccupied with their personal goals and often ignore their personal values.
But VALUES and GOALS cannot be separated.
Values are principles that reflect the moral standards that individuals use to guide their personal thoughts and actions. They are BELIEFS that relate to various ethical aspects of life. Values define what you believe is right or wrong, good or bad, fair or unfair, just or unjust. Consider the following 10 core values that are synonymous with "character" and "integrity:" honesty; truthfulness; respect; empathy; responsibility; courage; humility; tolerance; fairness; compassion; service; and industriousness. These are but a few of the many moral judgements you have to consider, and decide whether to adopt and practice in your daily life.

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Chapter 4

How Jesus Can Make A Difference In Your Life

Jesus can change your life for the better.
Keep re-reading that sentence until you understand it and believe it. In how many different ways could your life be better? What is it that makes you anxious or afraid? Are there factors in your life stopping you from becoming the best you can possibly be? If so, how can faith in someone who lived two thousand years ago make any difference at all?

The clue is first of all in Jesus life, death and resurrection. The principle of rebirth is a real and important one. If one man can die and then be seen alive again, then so can anyone. But rebirth is not just about the physical resurrection, it is about spiritual regeneration. If you are currently suffering from anxiety, stress, fear, nervousness, then there is a weakness in your spirit which needs to be addressed. This might mean taking a new look at yourself, who you are and what you believe. What motivates your life choices, the everyday decisions you make? Does God play any part at all in that? Through simple prayer, reading scripture and meeting with persons of faith, you can redress any imbalances. You can literally become a new you.
The second point to consider is, what things did Jesus value the most? Did he value possessions over people? Did he consider it important to have a high position in society? Did he care about how he looked or what people thought? No. Jesus main concern was for justice and fairness and for the general well being of every living soul. He spoke out against partisanship, greed, vested interest, inhumanity, intolerance, lack of forgiveness. And he spoke for tolerance, sharing, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, peace of mind and love for one another.
By promoting these values in your own life you take a step towards the regeneration of you spirit. By redirecting your goals away from self to concern for others in everything you do, as Jesus did, you not only add more meaning to your life, make yourself more content, but also you will begin to play a part in the great divine plan that God has for us as His creation. You will cease to care for yourself, worry about penury or illness, and begin to master the art of compassion, an outward looking concept which builds inner strength. As a result you will begin to grow again spiritually. Your life will change for the better and you will never look back.

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Chapter 5

Jesus Christ -
The World's Lighthouse to Salvation

What did Jesus mean when He said that He was the light of the world? Are believers the light of the world also? The first analogy that comes to my mind is the lighthouse. The lighthouse is the perfect metaphor for describing the Christian life. The lighthouse is a tall tower built on a strong foundation with a beam of light that assist with the navigation of ships to the shoreline or harbour mouth. The same purpose in the erection of a lighthouse is in close comparison to the purpose of the believer's life through Jesus Christ.

The lighthouse is a tall tower that is usually built on an island or cliff. They are built near the sea; but, placed on a strong foundation above sea level. The lighthouse is used as a refuge to lost ships for guidance and safety purposes. The attributes of the lighthouse are similar to the hope we have in our Savior. Jesus Christ came as refuge to a dying, sin-sick world. We receive salvation by calling on the name of Jesus Christ. This is the only name in which anyone can be saved from an eternal death. His very name is a strong tower because the righteous can always rest in the safety of His love and strength (Psalm 61:3). We have to keep our eyes above our circumstances and stay focus on our faith in Him. Our God is truth. He is our Rock that is incapable of change. We have a strong foundation in God through Jesus Christ which gives us the assurance of everlasting life (1 John 5:11-12).
The lighthouse has a leading beam of light that rotates across the water in a unique pattern that allows ships to stay focused on their destination and avoid hazards near the shoreline.
Jesus Christ is the light of the world. Once we accept Him as Lord and Savior in our lives we have that same "light" within us. We have been sanctified or set apart for His good works to a lost world. Because of the "light" that is now in us, we have become a peculiar people (1 Peter 2:9). Our pattern of living should be based on the life Jesus Christ exemplified when he lived on the Earth. We are to live our lives in such a way that the unbeliever will be drawn to the "light" in us and seek salvation through Jesus Christ. When we allow our light to shine, it helps others from continually stumbling in the darkness of this world. Our lives should illuminate the eternal hope we have in serving a loving God and deter a dying world from the hazard of being eternally separated from Him.
The lighthouse is in operation twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. It is important that it is constant operation to be a guiding light to the ships out to sea. It is imperative that the ships have a constant guide to the shoreline and be able to avoid the hazards near the harbour mouth. Jesus Christ is our guiding light. He illuminates the pathway to our heavenly Father and has given us that same "light" to shine before mankind. In everything we do; such as our speech, actions, and circumstances, we have to let the good works of Jesus Christ illuminate through our lives to the darkness of this world. Jesus is the light of this world; and as His disciples, we are the light of the world also. We should always exemplify the "light" inherited through Jesus Christ. The Lord is the light of our salvation and is the world's only escape from eternal darkness and the pathway to our heaven Father (Psalm 27:1).

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Chapter 6

My testimony

          I was now 38, and it had been about 20 years since I had been to church or even thought about God. It seemed that around this time I started to look for my purpose in living. I no longer wanted to live the kind of lifestyle we lived, and my love for my husband grew cold.
          Soon I became pregnant again and had a beautiful baby boy whom we called Allen. Strangely, now I wanted to give up the business and be a wife and mother. I longed to care for this new baby and spend time with my children. I sold the business and soon after that, my husband left me.
          We seemed to have just grown apart, and my interests in finding my own identity and spirituality were not what he liked or was used to. I had been a doormat for people most of my life, thinking that I needed a man to make me secure and complete.
          I was all alone! I had no family and no real friends I could talk to. I went to Social Security, who provided me with an allowance, and so I became a single mum. I thought my husband would come back but he had moved back in with his mother and seemed to be enjoying his bachelor lifestyle. I cried myself to sleep most nights for a long time, hoping he would come back.
          About this time the children started to attend a Good News Club after school, and I noticed the people who ran the club were kind and really cared about the kids. I was still searching for the meaning of life and was looking into things like the New
          Age, spiritualism, meditation and witchcraft.
          Because I had a taste of these things, I realised they are not the way to lasting peace and happiness. This has enabled me to minister to many people involved in these deceptions, and I have no fear of being around people involved in other religions or cults.
          Perfect love casts out all fear, and I know that I am loved by a perfect God who accepts me unconditionally.
          I was working in a cafe where many of the people involved in witchcraft spent their time. A lady came into the cafe and ordered a cappuccino. She had a slim figure and dark hair, and I felt drawn to her. She was to have a lasting effect on my life.
          I sat with her at the table and listened to what she had to say. I could see that she was kind of "lit up." She truly believed what she was telling me. She talked of things like being "born again" and having a personal relationship with God. I was challenged by her and surprised at her boldness and confidence as she told me, "You must be born again to see the kingdom of God."
          Like Nicodemus in John chapter 3, I was unable to understand this concept because, like him, I was not spiritually awakened yet. She challenged me to go to church at a nearby place, and I said I would.
          I went to the church she suggested the next Sunday, even though it was a long way from where I lived. I was amazed to find many people singing with their hands raised to God. They sang in a language I had never heard and seemed to be lost in what I now know as worship.
          I left the church, thinking they were crazy and determined not to go back. I do believe that something must have happened inside me as I spent that short time in the church in the presence of God. God knew I was searching. Like in the story of the prodigal son, our heavenly Father waits for the right time. Then He receives us not as servants but as His precious children.
          I had joined an aerobics group at a local church hall. One day I found myself walking into a small room called a "cry room." I didn't really understand why they would need a room for crying, but I went inside anyway and found lots of books.
          The books were about the Bible. As I was looking around, a group of people arrived to start Bible study. I commented that I didn't realise that people could study the Bible. The leader suggested I go up to his house and chat with his wife and she would be able to answer my questions.
          I met his wife, Alison, and we sat down to talk. I found myself telling her about my life as a single mum and the struggles I was having. She listened, and as I was leaving, she invited me to come back and visit again.
          I remember her telling me, "Just give your life to Jesus."
          I said, "It can't be that easy."
          But it was.
          She led me to surrender my life to Jesus, and I began my new life as a Christian. I had no idea what this meant and went into the church every morning for the next few days just waiting for something to happen. Soon I realised that salvation is a gift from God. We need to just receive that gift and allow Jesus to come and live inside us and begin that work of transformation so that we can understand who we are, a new person or a New Creation, as the Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 5:17.
          I decided to go and visit the lady I had met in the cafe. When I arrived at her home, I was amazed to find her dancing around the room and singing in a strange language. She was full of joy and I was rather embarrassed. She told me that I could do this too, but I didn't know if I really wanted to be that enthusiastic. Anyway, she prayed with me and I left her home still amazed at this encounter.
          The next day I was out driving with my children in my car, and I suddenly began to sing in a strange language and realised that I was singing in tongues. I was now saved and baptised in the
          Holy Spirit and felt alive and different.
          I continued to go to church and attend a discipleship class for 12 weeks. The class helped me to understand more about what was happening to me. I learned about repentance, salvation, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, water baptism, tithing, evangelism and discipleship.
          After a few weeks I was baptised in water at a little spa in a friend's back garden. I remember them asking me what song I would like to be played at my baptism and, without thinking, I said, "Amazing Grace."
          From this time on I was a radical Christian. Every opportunity I had I would talk to people about Jesus and how He had changed my life. I still had the task of raising my children alone, but now I had Jesus and wanted so much to learn more about
          God and the plan He had for my life.
          Taken from my autobiography One Life available on Amazon at the link below.
One Life The Narrow Path


It's Time to Let Go
Article Source https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Sachin_Sharma/2580620

Be the best you can be
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What do you wish to Become
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How Jesus can make a difference in your life
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Jesus Christ. The world's lighthouse to salvation
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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4594671

My Testimony

One Life The Narrow Path

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