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How to deal with pain or your inner sorrow
Let me ask you a question. How do you define a pain?
And what is your reason? What you lose or gain?

Your answer might differ, from what's in your brain.
It's your choice that you prefer, even if it's completely insane.

Some suffer from emotions, some have to cry in rain.
Some have physical issues, like body ache or sprain.

You might be behind from your ongoing train.
But have to face the world with a smile, you sustain.

You might be feeling low, breaking the normal chain.
When there's no turning back and no way to complain.

To protect yourself or to keep yourself the main.
You can choose a different path, away from the usual lane.

I see that you can laugh and I know, it's a bane.
A strong answer to those, who often try to disdain.

You have the inner strength, you can dance in the rain.
Once you master the skill, you'll find there's no pain.

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