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Self Assessment/Inventory
Sometimes, I am in turmoil, I fear I've lost my hunger, my drive. I am simply worn out. I can't seem to cause the affect I long to. I am resigned, it seems... I can't even say for certain what I've resigned myself to. It's not what really brews in my heart, there is a churning of some kind...

I am that girl, always searching for the truth. I am still a dreamer but the pizzazz that propels me, drifts sometimes and leaves me scraping against the moon - alone. Authentic, anguished, afflicted. Blessed, ambitious, and yet, still craving. Craving for what? I'm not sure exactly. Wow, I'm her. I'm that girl. What would you say? Lost? Confused? Possibly.

I'm currently in the midst of making changes I can live with, changes to help me sleep at night. I still have my endless dreams but I've got to keep it moving.

Three words: CHANGE IS COMING!

... Again


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