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Random Rambling
The Thanksgiving Holiday has passed. As has become my "new normal" I kept it low key. K & B took their family to a Crawford gathering . Time spent with Grands & Greats has become a priority with the Events of 2021. Daddy left us January 7th, Mom left on May 22nd then a week later was Brians Grandpa Pero. In the midst of it all we had B on a Ventilator, K & B had COVID and in March I was Hospitalized with Complications of COVID. I spent my Birthday in Hospital for several weeks with acute Sepsis & Cellulitis and then again for a week in October. Yes, I am Thankful to still have time with my Family yet the past 6 months has been challenging for me. So many "First" days without has left me going dark & Immobile emotionally.
Now it is time to approach a new thought process. We must be Thankful for what we Have and to not dwell on What we Lack. Steep Bills need paid, a Stove fixed - replaced and a 2nd vehicle would sure help. Three full beds to acquire, two more mattresses to follow. Add in 4 Birthdays prior to Commemerating the Gift of Jesus and keeping thoughts together feels challenging. A Hard Candy Christmas is still Sweet yet I feel the Clouds & Fog moving in.

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