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Overshare Perhaps
I have come to the conclusion that life is the great illusion. There is no right or wrong way, to advise anyone, 'how to live life'. In fact, it's what we say about living that is often wrong.

Well, I guess I have a confession. I've been making it all up as I go along. I certainly had no training nor any clues on how to be a mother, a friend, a wife - eh, you get the point. Don't get me started with what women's bodies go through. What the hell is that?
In any event, the truth is out. I think a lot of us are making it up as they go along, too.

I will be tracing the corners of my mind to close this self-inventory . I'm over it and hope that when I review, I'll see whatever the hell it is I'm hoping to. Regardless, no harm should arise from my deep soul-searching. There's a whole lot more for me to be thankful for than I realized. My issues are not as horrific as some other poor soul. I don't have a lot of nightmares that I have to recall, or relive. My crap is pitiful or sorry or even sad, sometimes - but it is not that bad. I pray that I can at least remain humble enough that I never forget that.

Aww, the great illusion is that we manage to pull it off. Please, holla' if you can relate to making it up. With my grateful and ungrateful behind, I wish you all peace of mind. Sure sounds like I need some, too.
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