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When was the most dangerous time for Britain during WW2?
Winston Churchill clearly said of Chancellor Hitler “He knows he must break us in this island or lose the war’.

If Britain had not defended its island and had listened to the surrender quislings in upper British society (many of who were Abwehr agents for Admiral Canaris) then Germany would certainly have won the war in Europe after the invasion of England Operation Sealion.

With German troops on British soil, its overseas forces would be obliged to surrender to Imperial Japan. America had secretly drawn up plans what to do in this eventuality.

Tragic though the London Blitz truly was, the accidental bombing of London by an inexperienced aircrew that accidentally flew a wrong course, led to Hitler”s switching his bombing of RAF Fighter airfields, when Fighter command was within one week of defeat, to bombing instead London, which buy”d the precious time needed to repair the fighter airfields and deploy new planes again.

This re direction of Hitler’s Airforce was one of several factors which prevented, worked against, the invasion of Britain in 1940. The other was the massive losses he suffered from Dutch Airforce pilots, (operating old Gloster Gladiator aircraft), of his transport aircraft fleet over Holland and the low countries.

This was definitely the high water mark of the war in the West.

In the East, it was undoubtedly at the battle of Stalingrad with the Russian red Army, where the fate of the world was decided, and the Fascists denied access to the oil rich Asian Caucassus . This prevented hitler encircling the entire upper Asian continent, and encircling the Mediterannean sea and controlling the Suez Canal.

America only came into the war after it got attacked by the Japanese at Pearl harbour, and under the tri partite tractate, Hitler declared war on America.

Proof if any were needed, you have just got to stick to your guns however isolated at the time or unpopular you might be. I am also talking a bit here, about me and my own history, and NOT Boris De la Pfeffel Johnson who constantly uses Mr Churchill as a prop for his Right wing Policy’s).

I have always stood up for the truth, and for the underdog, and for justice and fairness.

I wish I could say the same for justice in England to have stood up for me, a foreigner robbed of his inheritance and children by a English con man. but I cannot, because they did not; and I was driven out the country back to France, where I am happy to finally remain.

A good leader like Mr Churchill, would make a choice between “what is right or what is easy”. He would not choose what is easy….but modern Britain has, in many respects and in many matters.

The majority go following the crowd, and only follow the truth when they have no other course or easy way left. But Churchill clearly did say that a “Kite rises highest against the wind and not with it”. His voice, his warning voice, was the ONLY ONE telling the truth back there in the 1930’s. I thank God he had the courage and he did.

Without him, I would never have been born. My brother in law by marriage WASA NAZI RUNAWAY living in England under a FALSE identity, and paid to work for both the UK MOD and the US CIA Military programmes. I HATE both with equal alacrity for allowing him to use my mother, and me as a test bed for his experimental procedures.

I also know he created a dangerous Nazi organisation in high society in both England and America. I am constantly hunted and threatened by that evil dangerous group of persons.

So, today I get flak from some people about my warnings about Fascism in England. So be it. It is not over the top or bandying words, to warn of this danger, for it is real, it is true. And they all laughed and dismissed Winston Churchill for his repeated warnings just the same. I do not pretend to be great Mr Churchill, but I DO believe his words.

And today, I SEE the SAME evil amongst us that he saw, and warned long against. DIVISION. HATRED. Xenophobia, Antesemitisme and Islamophobia. I see hear and feel and smell the Nazis, and I speak up to warn others before it is too late.

For a little while, England has forgotten what is important. They will remember before the end. When I came to France, and had to face challenges of my own from behind my back in England not from before my face in France, one day a old French woman told me something I shall never forget. Dismayed with what we were both hearing about certain things to do with England and some (I say “SOME”) English persons living in France nearby, we also both concluded that the English were GOOD in many ways for the most part, that they had NOT given in to Hitler in the thirty’s, back during the wartime, had it been up to the then Nazi known sympathisers amongst the Irish or the Scottish ***, and the miss directing social organisers in high society who are quislings, we would both have now been either dead, unborn, or living in a Nazi prisoner of war camp.

Remember, prior to Hitler coming to power and annexing Europe, Churchill was dismissed as a crackpot, a strange man, eccentric, outspoken, didn’t fit in, an out of touch fool living in he past. His warnings about the dangers went unheeded by the days “whizz kids” and so called “experts”. And many British people listened instead to the sweet words and false talk of traitors and Quislings, and “Do Gooders” , Political and social engineers, “spin Doctors” of trickery, who were secretly in the “pay” of the enemy, to undermine the country’s fabric.

But later, when confronted with REALITY, and no longer more able to deny it, the British people suddennley woke up to the immense value of this exccentric man in his funny hats and with cigars and brandy and love of painting and gardening.

Suddennely its was ‘HELP!!!! Come back All is Forgiven….did we say you were right what you said after all???!

Cometh the hour cometh the man, that's what you say isn't it?


For reasons best explained in a separate work, there were serious divisions and troubles in Ireland, and disatisfaction against England in parts of Scotland, and given the historical background, reasonabley so. This led to some being tempted by offers and promises of aid or arms from Abwher agents and German quislings. Some South Afrikaners also got involved on the German side. I am NOT saying it is the same today now. And I am not to be mis quoted either as saying it is everyone, it certainly is NOT. But there was some of that back there then at that time in history, not now today. I Do say however, that there is a dangerous Far RIGHT neo Nazi current in british Society now today, in England, and some of it flows down from a high level of Society too.
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