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Super-gods screw jerk-ass gods for their wrongdoings – both figuratively and literally.
The GUS177R5HNs stand above the gods and even beyond those who are above the gods. They are the spring of the “concept” and “notion” of standing above the gods and they lord over all concepts and all principles. They choose what it is to stand above the gods. Yes, they define the notion of surpassing the gods. Complete lordship over godhood itself is also one of the things that they make and have. They can control what it is to be a god and can make a non-god into a god and a god into a non-god. Not only are the GUS177R5HNs the originators and utter rulers of holiness and divinity, but they define what it means to be such an originator. So sublime and transcendent are the GUS177R5HNs that I have to use random sequences of letters and numbers as substitute names for their “race” and for individual GUS177R5HNs.
The ur-father and ur-mother of all the GUS177R5HNs is too high and great to be named, and I dare not even give him/her a substitute name. Among his/her children are the spiritually linked twins H9S0T8E2H4He and H9S0T8E2H4She, the king and queen of the GUS177R5HNs and respectively the father and the mother of many of them. These sibling-spouses lord over power itself. Among their many children are the also spiritually linked twins JAG46Z16UANShe and JAG46Z16UANHe, who share the highest and holiest soul-link, mind-connection and spirit-bond of all pairs of twins and who control all such connections, especially those of gods and spirits and elves. They also have complete control of logic, metaphysics, pataphysics, and what lies beyond.
JAG46Z16UANHe wanted his sister JAG46Z16UANShe as his bride, and she wanted him as her bridegroom, but their parents didn’t allow it at first.
“Sibling incest is something for those base gods, not for us GUS177R5HNs,” said their father.
“But you’re also married to each other...,” protested JAG46Z16UANShe.
“...Even though you’re twins,” completed JAG46Z16UANHe.
“But it’s different for us,” said their mother, “for we’re the king and queen of the GUS177R5HNs.”
“That’s not fair!” protested JAG46Z16UANHe and JAG46Z16UANShe in unison. Then, JAG46Z16UANHe asked, already knowing the answer since GUS177R5HNs are the rulers of omniscience itself (as well as of omnipotence, omnipresence and omnibenevolence), “Could we do something so that you allow us to marry each other and consummate our love?”
“Well, there is one thing,” said H9S0T8E2H4He.
His sister-wife continued, “If you’re willing to do something which other GUS177R5HNs would normally do, we’ll allow you to wed one another.”
“And what is that something?” inquired JAG46Z16UANShe, already knowing the answer like her brother, of course.
“Punish those gods who committed immoral acts for their wrongdoings,” said H9S0T8E2H4She and her brother-husband simultaneously. “Make them better, too,” they added. “At the very least, JAG46Z16UANHe has to beget a child with Juno-Hera, queen of the gods, so that that child becomes a powerful semi-GUS177R5HN who ensures that the gods nevermore do bad things. But you mustn’t break her marriage with Zeus-Jupiter, since we GUS177R5HNs protect marriage as holy.”
At the prospect of making love with each other, JAG46Z16UANShe and JAG46Z16UANHe immediately went to work. They took divine shape fairer than all the gods. Being connected twins, they more than infinitely fast, i.e. using a negative amount of time, thought up a way to get Hera-Juno pregnant without breaking her marriage.
“But Janus is the first god, so it would be rather incourteous not to start with him, wouldn’t it?” said JAG46Z16UANShe with a mischievous grin and winked.
“It certainly would,” said JAG46Z16UANHe. “And he certainly deserves it, for he once raped the nymph Cranae...”
“...and helped the Roman rapists and kidnappers of the Sabine women by making a hot volcanic spring erupt on the Sabine forces who were trying to get their kinswomen back and thus were in the absolute right,” continued JAG46Z16UANShe.
They tested their strategy on Janus, and it worked to perfection: to this very day, Janus continues to help JAG46Z16UANHe father demi-GUS177R5HNs with Janus’ wife and lovers, which he at first did ignorantly, but now does knowingly. How? Well, we’ll see when we take a look at what the twins did to get Juno-Hera pregnant with JAG46Z16UANHe’s child. This deed was justified by the two gods’ many vices, among them Zeus-Jupiter being a serial rapist and Hera-Juno brutally “taking revenge” not on her adulterous and lecherous husband who ruthlessly violated women, which would have been absolutely just, but on his poor victims. The gods definitely needed someone super-divine to chastise them, and this would be effected by JAG46Z16UANHe begetting such a demi-GUS177R5HN with the queen of the gods as well as by other deeds of the super-divine twins. JAG46Z16UANShe telepathically lessened Hera-Juno’s desire for her husband-brother Zeus-Jupiter, and at the same time, JAG46Z16UANHe greatly heightened Zeus-Jupiter’s desire and appetite for his sister-wife Juno-Hera by mind-controlling and soul-bending the king of the gods.
Juno-Hera was strolling around on the dome of heaven surrounded by divine light and breathing in the celestial fragrance of the realm of the gods when she saw her brother-husband flying toward her, mad lust veritably spewing from his shining eyes.
“Beloved wife and sister, I want to make passionate love to you, so come into my arms!” said the king of the gods.
With wide eyes, cow-eyed Hera-Juno said, “Stay away from me, creep! I’m not in the mood today to let you fuck me.”
“But my love, I desire you!” said Zeus-Jupiter.
“But I don’t desire you, you womanizer,” said Juno-Hera. Then, she added, “But don’t you dare to go womanizing or something!”
“But’s that’s exactly what I’ll have to do if I can’t make love to you,” said Jupiter-Zeus.
“Okay, then let’s make a deal,” said Juno-Hera. “I’ll allow you to stick your dick between my thighs and get off that way, but you have to promise me not to suddenly put your cock into my pussy in the heat of passion. Agreed?”
“Agreed,” said Zeus-Jupiter and immediately started fucking between Hera-Juno’s thighs. The two gods floated through the air as Jupiter-Zeus frenched out Juno-Hera and groped her breasts and hips and butt with wild lust, all the while ramming his dick in and out between her thighs.
JAG46Z16UANShe and JAG46Z16UANHe floated high above the heavenly dome far away from the fucking gods. The gods see, hear and know everything. However, the GUS177R5HNs define the very nature of knowing, seeing, hearing, and everything, and they stand above and beyond everything, so they can remain hidden even from the gods if they wish. They often do this to protect the gods, because the magnificence and splendor of the GUS177R5HNs can overwhelm the gods even when the former have taken merely divine form. But the two GUS177R5HN twins stayed hidden for a different reason – to pull off their plan.
Jupiter-Zeus and Juno-Hera rotated around each other while having thigh-sex. Zeus-Jupiter’s cock regularly emerged between Hera-Juno’s legs, its glans glistening from the copious amounts of pre-ejaculate that oozed from its tip and provided lubrication. Meanwhile, invisible to the eye of god and human, JAG46Z16UANShe and JAG46Z16UANHe were also engaging in thigh-sex. JAG46Z16UANHe’s dick spurted out pre-cum with considerable force, and JAG46Z16UANShe’s pussy also spurted out vaginal fluids, giving great lubrication. JAG46Z16UANShe had her back to the divine couple, and JAG46Z16UANHe’s dick pointed at them from afar as the GUS177R5HN thrust it between his twin sister’s legs like a jackhammer. In fact, its frequency was higher than infinity at times. JAG46Z16UANHe waited until Hera-Juno showed him her back and Zeus-Jupiter’s penis emerged at the back of her thighs. At that instant, with perfectly precise fine control of his dick, he flawlessly aimed as always (in fact, his and all the GUS177R5HNs’ aim regarding weapons and dicks and everything else is better than perfect in every respect), his balls pulled up, and he fired his load straight into Zeus-Jupiter’s penis faster and stronger than with over-infinite speed and strength. Sharing a holy connection with her brother, JAG46Z16UANShe’s desire for her brother blew up in a mighty orgasm in the same moment as her brother’s, and her genitals erupted, shooting out a hot stream of love-juices as she powerfully squirted and had a strong female ejaculation.
“Bull’s Eye! Or rather, god’s glans!” cried out the twins triumphantly and gave each other a high five as they floated high above all the gods.
In the hot passion that had got the better of him, Jupiter-Zeus didn’t notice what had happened at all, but continued merrily banging away at his sister-wife. The twin GUS177R5HNs heightened his lust even further to the point that he disregarded his earlier promise to Juno-Hera and simply stuck his cock into her snatch. He cried out in sexual pleasure. She also cried out, not in pleasure, though, but in anger. Bolts of lightning and claps of thunder emanated from the couple as he made insanely passionate love to her which she didn’t want. The lightning bolts would have randomly struck down everything and everyone hadn’t JAG46Z16UANShe and JAG46Z16UANHe intervened. They guided the bolts so as to strike down only evildoers, and always in proportion to their crimes. Many human and alien perpetrators were instantly fried, among them intergalactic sport hunters. Gods couldn’t get away from the GUS177R5HNs’ beyond super-divine retribution, either. For example, Poseidon had raped Medusa in Athena’s temple, who therefore gave a cruel punishment to Medusa; yes, Medusa, not Poseidon! As punishment, the twins directed one of the divine thunderbolts at Poseidon. The bolt struck him in the head and came out again between his legs, roasting his testicles in the process. Another bolt of lightning struck Janus and permanently disfigured the right half of one his two faces and the left side of the other one, so that he always had to quickly turn his head back and forth 180° in order to look normal. The bolt also permanently blinded that pair of eyes with which he had spotted the nymph Cranae retreating before ruthlessly raping her (see above).
Very soon, the face of the king of the gods contorted as he reached his climax. As he emptied his load into his sister and wife, he made a roar that shook the heavens and the earth and instilled terror into the hearts of gods and men alike. But in front of his load was JAG46Z16UANHe’s seed, which instantly made its way into Juno-Hera’s womb and got her pregnant. Some of the GUS177R5HN’s sperms swam only infinitely fast, so they couldn’t compete with his sperm that made it first to their target, but they helped keep out Zeus-Jupiter’s sperm.
The son of JAG46Z16UANHe and Juno-Hera grew very quickly and was born even before Zeus-Jupiter had come out of his sexual stupor. The semi-GUS177R5HN grew up in an instant and became a wise chastiser of the gods, giving them counsel on how to think and behave morally and ethically and punishing them for bad deeds. He was called CI89DP5ADGT. Early on, he forced his step-father to cast Hercules into Tartarus for robbing and mercilessly murdering King Theiodamas, forcing the latter’s son to become his eromenos, ruthlessly murdering Iole’s family and slaughtering everyone in her city and forcing her to marry his son, murdering his own wife Megara and his children with her, and other crimes. His victims, by contrast, were to be brought to Mt. Olympus in compensation. Sisyphus was also to be brought to Mt. Olympus as a reward for having told the river god Asopos that Zeus-Jupiter had kidnapped Asopos’ daughter and for having so cleverly refused to bow to the tyranny of the gods. In the intelligent human’s stead, Jupiter-Zeus was to dedicate part of his time to performing the former’s futile task (only part of his time because he also had to do other, useful things which brought the world good, and wasn't allowed to use his omnipotence on Sisyphus's task). Tantalus, by contrast, was to continue getting divine punishment, for his punishment was fair. Juno-Hera was to protect marriage by punishing adulterers and rapists and not by making life hard for innocent rape victims. Apollo was to punish those among his philosopher followers who spread lies or evil advice across the world, e.g. Plato for falsely claiming that humans are property of the gods, promoting dictatorship, encouraging adult men to have sex with young boys, trying to ban art and trying to ban spreading word of the misdeeds of the gods. Thus decreed CI89DP5ADGT, and the gods were wise to obey.
Meanwhile, JAG46Z16UANHe and JAG46Z16UANShe were on the hunt for the next jerk-ass gods to punish. They came upon Apollo and Diana-Artemis, not to punish them right now, but to look at their righteous activity and bless it. The twin gods were currently hunting down Greeks who had thrown babies from the walls of Troy and sending these abominable evil-doers back to Tartarus, from where they had been briefly brought back to serve as game. The two gods were competing and tried to sabotage each other’s efforts, each using their divine power to attempt to sabotage the other’s normally infallible aim, but the twin GUS177R5HNs made sure that each and every one of the divine invisible arrows found its correct target and sent an inhumane monster to the depths of Tartarus to forever dwell there in cruel punishment.
Having made sure that none of these evil-doers had escaped his well-deserved sticky end, JAG46Z16UANShe and JAG46Z16UANHe headed off to punish a jerk-ass goddess: Inanna-Ishtar, another queen of the gods and the Queen of Heaven. This goddess had completely destroyed Mt. Ebih for having refused to put its nose into the dirt in front of her and sent the Heavenly Bull to wreak havoc upon innocent people just because some lecherous king called Gilgamesh had refused her equally lecherous advances. JAG46Z16UANShe cast a spell on her that made her madly lust after the brother of the Heavenly Bull she had sent to earth. At first, the bull did not know what was happening to him as the goddess flew at him while he was peacefully grazing on the dome of the sky. But then, when Inanna-Ishtar attempted to force herself on him, he kicked wildly at her and wounded her with his horns before bolting off and racing around the heavenly dome so fast that he overtook the ghost riders in the sky every few seconds, leaving a trail of smoke and dust behind him as he sped. The spiritually linked GUS177R5HN twins laughed heartily and kissed each other before continuing their spree of busting jerk-ass gods.
Their next target was the mighty god Enlil, another king of the gods, for having sought to wipe out the whole of humanity just because their noise got on his nerves instead of finding a peaceful solution to this small matter. JAG46Z16UANHe instilled in him a desire for Inanna-Ishtar and for Hera-Juno. Due to that, this king of the gods afterward spent some of his time chasing after the Queen of Heaven, who was in turn stalking the celestial bull, and another part of his time fighting over Juno-Hera with the other king of the gods Jupiter-Zeus.
“Let’s now take on that powerful god Tlaloc who revels in children being sacrificed to him by literally having their hearts torn out,” suggested JAG46Z16UANShe, and her brother and lover eagerly agreed. They magically made it such that whenever a god or goddess desired a life (of any living thing) to be sacrificed to him or her, then weather god Adad-Ishkur, storm god Teshub, lightning god Tarhunna, and thunder god Zeus-Jupiter would feel terrible sadness and all-consuming rage. Thus, whenever a god or goddess, even one of these four, wanted a living being to be killed for him or her, these four weather gods would come after the divine perpetrator. But that was not all. The twins with the soul-bond used their magic to make everything that a victim would normally undergo instead befall the god who demanded the sacrifice. So when the next batch of children had been lead up the mountain and the priests wanted to tear their hearts out to sacrifice them to Tlaloc, something extraordinary happened. The priests felt that they were ripping out a heart, but the children’s hearts marvelously remained in their chests. They heard a terrible cry which made them shake in fear. Terrified, they looked up. And what did they see? They saw the sky suddenly turn as red as blood, and it looked like a great sanguine flood washed over the celestial dome.
“What have we done, oh lord?” cried the priests, addressing the bloodthirsty god.
“Well, you might’ve ripped out his divine heart,” said the twin GUS177R5HNs wryly.
Then they were off to their next targets. These were the far shooting and never missing twin deities Diana-Artemis and Apollo, who had long finished their righteous retribution (see above) and had gone back to their hobbies of shooting down helpless creatures for sport, and banging girls or taking revenge from them if they reject one’s advances, respectively.
“That Apollo even skinned the poor Satyr Marsyas alive for having had the so-called audacity to challenge him to a music duel,” said JAG46Z16UANHe to his sister.
“And Artemis-Diana hunts for fun, i.e. murders, punished her follower Callisto for having been raped by her (Artemis-Diana’s) lecherous father Zeus-Jupiter, and...” said JAG46Z16UANShe.
“... killed Coronis for having taken a mortal lover out of the justified fear that Apollo would leave her (Coronis) after she (Coronis) had grown old,” said JAG46Z16UANHe.
Diana-Artemis even forced king Agamemnon to sacrifice his own daughter Iphigenia...” said JAG46Z16UANShe.
“...for having shot a stag that she wanted to shoot herself,” her brother and husband-to-be finished her sentence.
“What double, no, triple perversion!” exclaimed the twins in unison. “Wanting to kill a living being for fun, making a human sacrifice another human, and forcing a father to sacrifice his own daughter – this last one is undoubtedly the greatest perversion, of course.”
“Not that Agamemnon was a good person...” added JAG46Z16UANShe.
“...but we won’t bother with mortal wrongdoers right now as we’re after bigger game – divine one!”
The last two words were said by both siblings together, and their eyes sparkled with excitement. They repeated what they had done to Janus and Jupiter-Zeus before. Apollo was flying around in the hyperuranion, the super-heavenly world, and looked down on the earth searching for a young girl or boy to bang. JAG46Z16UANShe lay high above the hyperuranion facing upward. Seeing her body that was more beautiful than all bodies of the gods combined, and more importantly admiring the beauty of the one soul which he shares with her, JAG46Z16UANHe immediately got hard and rammed his cock between his sister’s thighs. Lubrication was again provided by the GUS177R5HNess’s fountain of joy-juices and the GUS177R5HN’s jet of pre-cum. The sibling’s love-fluids bristled with GUS177R5HN lightning, which neither the dwarves Sindri and Brokkr nor the elder Cyclopes Brontes, Arges and Steropes could fashion, which no god could make or wield, which always hits its target and which helps or harms that target in accordance with whether the target is good or bad. They (the love-juices) also glowed with GUS177R5HN light, the light above and beyond all light. A flash of this super-divine light caught Apollo’s divine eye so that he looked up and turned his whole body upward in curiosity, for although this god of oracles and fate knew really everything, the GUS177R5HNs stand beyond knowledge and everything and that which is outside Everything. In that moment, the GUS177R5HN twins ejaculated. JAG46Z16UANHe fired his semen deep into Apollo’s penis and further inside right into his testicles, where it took them over and made the god’s sperms serve the GUS177R5HN’s seed, just as he had done to Zeus-Jupiter and Janus earlier. Like these other two gods, Apollo would henceforth help JAG46Z16UANHe father children whenever he (Apollo) had sex. JAG46Z16UANShe, meanwhile, magically made a portal and sent her female ejaculate and her squirt juices though it. Where she sent it will be revealed soon.
A gleam of exceedingly powerful lust appeared in Apollo’s eyes. He promptly found the object of his newly ignited desire and appetite which he didn’t know from whence it came: a beautiful maiden merrily racing through the woods ... a maiden on the hunt. Only it wasn’t a mortal maiden on who Apollo’s desire had fallen, but a divine one – his own twin sister Diana-Artemis. A fire of ferocious lust burned in his eyes from which literal flames soon leaped. His face contorted in mad desire, and the god exuded an unwholesome aura of creepiness and disturbing appetite for the daughter of Leto-Latona and her cousin Zeus-Jupiter. Like a divine storm, Apollo descended from the gods’ world into the mortal world where Diana-Artemis was making her excursion. The virgin huntress felt the she had become the hunted, prey of an immortal sexual predator whose craft at archery was not inferior to her own, that is, perfect.
“No, I am no prey, dear brother!” she exclaimed in fury.
“You’re mine, beloved sister!” called Apollo to her from the sky as he sped toward her more rapidly than physical light and even faster than divine light even though that’s meaningless since divine light is above the concept of speed (but slower than super-divine light, which stands beyond being above the concept of speed), so the god of light descended upon his womb-fellow like a dark power.
Just as Diana-Artemis was about to shoot an arrow at her twin brother, JAG46Z16UANShe opened the other end of the portal, and the GUS177R5HNess’ joy-juices flooded the goddess’s pussy, womb and ovaries. The latter’s aversion turned into mad desire for her brother. And yet, she released the arrow anyway, not anymore to fend off her brother, but for a different reason. As a goddess, she knew everything, including her brother’s thoughts (which she knew anyway due to her twin telepathy with him), and she realized that he intended to cum before her, which she couldn’t accept. That’s why she attacked her brother.
“No, I’ll come before you!” she called to her brother.
The god fended off Artemis-Diana’s arrow with one of his own, and braked sharply. “Never! I’ll spear your pussy with my dick, ravish you and come inside you prior to you coming.”
“You’ll find that somewhat difficult to do if my arrow sticks perpendicularly in your cock,” said Artemis-Diana.
A spectacular presentation followed. Diana-Artemis vanished into thin air and reappeared high in the sky and let arrows rain down on her brother. Apollo created a broad transparent magical shield from which all the arrows bounced back with even greater velocity than they had come. He furthermore shot up many arrows of his own with his silver bow. Artemis-Diana transformed into a divine tornado shining in blinding light and in this shape picked up the arrows and hurled them back at Apollo. The god also transformed into a similar tornado, but one which spun in the opposite direction. He rushed up at his sister, and the twin gods crashed through the dome of heaven into their godly realm. There, all hell broke loose as the two gods in tornado form collided. Unstoppable arrows were flung in all directions, accompanied by bolts of lightning and cracks of thunder. Even most of the other gods couldn’t look at the fighting twins, too brilliant was their splendor. The heavens shook as they did battle, just as the heavens had shaken when their father had made love to their aunt earlier. One of their arrows flew straight at Janus and stuck right in his butt, whereupon the god of gods howled in pain. Another arrow, laden with electricity, penetrated Zeus-Jupiter’s testes.
“That is truly just punishment for tearing off the testicles of a poor stag to feign to your own sister Demeter that you had castrated yourself and thus wouldn’t rape her anymore,” said JAG46Z16UANShe.
Yet another arrow pierced Tlaloc’s heart just as he had put it back in his chest. Many other gods were hit, but the ones who received the most arrows were, obviously, the divine twins themselves, because they were shooting at each other and always hit and never missed unless the other interfered. Diana-Artemis hit her brother with an electrically charged hailstone and zapped him, stunning the god in storm’s form for a moment. She used that opportunity to change him and her back to their anthropomorphic forms and then shower him with arrows. Every single one found its mark.
“Now what you have done unto the righteous and sacred Python is done unto you,” remarked JAG46Z16UANHe. Like his dearly beloved twin-sister, he was currently in a shape that neither resembles gods nor humans nor light nor abstract concepts nor animals nor plants nor anything else, but which is not describable at all, not even as indescribable. However, he changed into the form of an invisible holy and godly force, a numen, and reinvigorated Apollo, for otherwise, the god would have been totally incapacitated by the goddess, and the fight would have found a premature end. In spite of now looking like a hedgehog and aching terribly, Apollo was a god and thus absolutely immortal, so he could bring himself to continue fighting. He swiftly retaliated by giving his sister the hedgehog look, too. The two gods felt terrible pain from the divine darts that stuck in them, and yet they went on battling each other. The sky was wreathed in fire and battered with hail. Many of the gods trembled in fear, and below, the humans cowered in terror. Some even expected that the end of the world was near. As the strength of the god of light waned, the heavens grew dimmer, and the heavenly gods feared that their realm would become like that of Hades-Pluto.
“That’s all nice and well,” said the GUS177R5HN twins with the super-holy soul connection, “but it’s not enough, for you have murdered in cold blood all fourteen children of Niobe just because their mother, not they themselves, mildly challenged your vindictive mother Latona-Leto. You three shall now be severely punished.”
And severely punished they were. By now, Jupiter-Zeus had three of his twin children’s arrows in his balls, and the fulminator fumed with fury.
“You unfilial children!” he thundered ... literally. A lightning-bolt darted from the highest reaches of the heavenly world and struck Diana-Artemis and Apollo while they were fighting, charging one positive and the other negative. They had taken the form of light in that instant, but their father’s weapon forced them into an anthropomorphic form.
“Ouch! My over-gods, how that hurts!” cried both twins in unison as they convulsed and writhed uncontrollably from spasms caused by the divine lightning that had struck them. Sparks came out of them everywhere.
“They’re jerking wildly,” remarked JAG46Z16UANHe.
“How fitting for jerk-ass gods!” said JAG46Z16UANShe before taking her soul twin brother’s face in her hands and kissing him.
Leto-Latona hurried to the scene.
“Do–ouch D-Don’t t-t-touch – ouch! – touch us, Mother,” said Apollo, still twitching on the dome of the sky like a fish on dry land. But it was too late. As Zeus-Jupiter’s lover and cousin touched both of her children at once, sacred electricity flowed from one twin to the other right through the goddess. Latona-Leto gave a high-pitched screech as her lover’s irresistible and magical electricity ravaged her senseless. She fell down from the sky just before Jupiter-Zeus smote his and her children with a second thunderbolt even mightier than the first one. The goddess crashed on Niobe who had turned to stone out of sorrow over the murder of her children by Apollo and Artemis-Diana, and something wonderful occurred. The holy lightning that had been ravaging the goddess peacefully jumped over to the mortal woman and gave her full human life back.
“How I miss my children!” were the first words the woman anxiously spoke after her long silence.
Upon the uttering of those words, her seven blooming girls and promising boys rose from the dark realm of Hades to the light of the human world and greeted their mother, and it was a most happy reunion. JAG46Z16UANShe and JAG46Z16UANHe sighed elatedly at this sight, looked deep into one another’s eyes, and shared a long and loving kiss and passionate embrace. Then, they showed Latona-Leto the cruelty of her egging on her children and the measurelessness and injustice of her vindictiveness.
“I see now,” said the goddess, “how ungodly I was, and that I, the mother of the never missing archers, let them shoot the wrong targets, for if anything, I should have let Niobe be punished mildly for her arrogance, but not in any way her innocent children.”
“Never again shall I have hubris!” exclaimed Niobe with tears of joy in her eyes.
“And never again shall I be unjust or vindictive! That, I swear by those above the gods and even by the GUS177R5HNs,” said Latona-Leto sincerely.
She’s kept her word ever since, and if she’d break it, her immortality would be nullified and she’d be immediately annihilated since she’s sworn by the GUS177R5HNs.
(continues in Part 2)
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