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by HeyRey
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Love and what it means to fall into it
Finding true love is both harder than it looks and easier than most people will tell you. Some people fall in love with, and marry, their childhood sweethearts, others don't find a soulmate until their late fifties, and some never find anyone. Many of us go through life searching for something, someone who can make us better, who will complete us. When we can't find someone we tend to believe something is wrong with ourselves, rather than facing the fact that there are over 7 billion people on this planet. It shouldn't come as a surprise that out of the three guys we dated since high school not one of them turned out to be our prince charming.

Nevertheless we continue our search. We date, we laugh, we cry. We spend many years of our young life searching for something we think others found in another person. When the truth is many people who are married, or in a happy relationship are not that way because of the other person. Most people have had to experience some kind of heartbreak, some kind of change, or loss, so they came to the realization that what they needed in this life was not another person to complete them. What they really needed was to take some time to truly know themselves and fall in love with who they are. Not many of us take the time to simply be. Be alone. Be quiet. Be ourselves. How can any of us expect to ever love someone else in the way we want to be loved, if we have never taken the time to love ourselves.

Love is so much more than a feeling or butterflies. Love takes time, it takes loss and learning, it takes growth. Love takes getting up each day and making the choice to be with the one person in the world who can annoy you better and faster than anyone else you know. It means being there for someone when you would really rather be alone, it means giving up on what you want so they can be happy. Love means losing yourself so that you are not only you, you are two.
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