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by brom21
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Supernatural · #2263065
A man will receive a sole being from above to help him through the ending of his life.
Gabriel kneeled before a shining being on throne inside a glorious temple. The one on the throne wore a robe with a train that filled the temple. A rainbow encircled the throne and seated around the throne were twenty-four beings with golden crowns.

The one on the throne spoke with a voice like rushing waters. “Gabriel, the kingdom of Nepheseer is corrupt. Yet there is one who is faithful but full of despair. His name is Daren. Go to him and console him and be his companion until I bring him to be with Me.”

“Yes, Lord. I go,” said Gabriel as he bowed still on his knee and then descended trough thick clouds and passed through the firmament of Earth. He lighted atop a small mound in an empty grove with open gates of a city situated close to the castle of Nepheseer.

Gabriel was without any other heavenly help in his task. He had come alone from above like a single snowflake from the sky. Yet he was not alone. He was filled with the presence of God. Gabriel had dawned his mortal form and he walked down the mound headed for the gate.

Gabriel sensed the wickedness of the inhabitants and he wondered how any righteous man could stand such evil. The angel felt the goodness of a single soul and he was close.

Gabriel stood in the midst of at least four groups of people quarreling and cursing. One man was robbing another with a knife. In another direction, three men were mercilessly beating someone to death.

Three burly men in leather clothing gathered in front of Gabriel. The men had clubs and daggers and they smiled coyly.

“You are in the wrong place at the wrong time, stranger. You had best turn over any money or valuables or perish,” said one of the men.

Gabriel didn’t flinch, respond or even feel fear. He passed his hand before their eyes and they were struck with blindness. They groped around with whimpers and trembling voices.

The angel walked on and felt the essence of the good human get stronger. Gabriel walked past a cage with a sun-bleached human skeleton in it. A wooden plank with the words Death to all who defy the Blade Clan. was carved.

Gabriel felt the essence of the man apex as he came to a smalls stone house. He knocked on its door. None answered. He could simply pass right through the door but he did not want frighten him or alert those watching him to approach the righteous man’s house.

Gabriel knocked again with no response. “Daren, I come in the name of God!” he shouted through the door.

The door opened to reveal a man with fear glossed eyes and raised eyebrows. “Who are you?”

“I come in peace. May I enter?” said Gabriel.

The man stepped out to look around then nodded as the angel passed in the house.

“No one has ever seemed so gentle and kind. I heard it in your voice. Who are you?”

Gabriel put his hands on Daren’s shoulders and gazed into his eyes.

“Your eyes, they are like nothing I have ever seen! They are childlike but so strong!”-almost other worldly!

“I am the angel, Gabriel.”

Daren reeled back and gaped his mouth. “You are the same angel that appeared to Mary eight-hundred years ago!”

“Indeed,” said Gabriel. “I have come to exhort and encourage you. Your sorrow over the sin of this kingdom has been seen by God.”

Daren, rushed forward in tears and tightly embraced Gabriel. “I am so happy not to be alone. I thank the Lord for his grace.”

“I shall be your companion until you depart this life and go to the next,” said Gabriel.

“How long will that be?” said Daren.

“A short time.”

Daren smiled. “Would you like to play a game of chess?”

“Very well.”

The two sat down to play chess. Of course, Gabriel showed much mercy in the game. After a few hours, Daren needed to buy food and get water from the well.

“I am scared to step outside,” said Daren.

“I will shelter you from the will of any hostile men. Let us go.”

The two stepped out and went to a seller of fish and oranges at kiosk in the marketplace. He was an easy target out in the open but as his heavenly comrade said, none noticed him.

After buying the items, the two made their way to the well in the town square. Daren looked in the well and gasped. “Someone has out basket full of wormwood in the well! It has been poisoned!”

The herb looked like sage and gave a dark green hue to the water.

Gabriel put his hand over the well and the wormwood burnt up and the water cleared.

The next few weeks proceeded in like manner, with the angel encouraging Daren and protecting his every move. Gabriel came to know Daren as a friend not just as a lowly human mortal.

“Daren, your time on Earth is short. Soon you will come with me to be with your God and Father. Is there anything left you wish to do?”

Daren looked down then looked back up. “I wish to give my house to man named Bronus. He is quite impoverished and lives on the street. I hope to change his evil ways that are shared by all here in this place.”

The two went to the alley where Bronus was. “Bronus, I come in the spirit of friendship. I wish for you to have my house.”

Daren left Bronus with the key and left the alley. When he stepped out, a man in a robe cut him with a barb and Daren fell gripping the wound. It must have been poisoned, for seconds later, he felt Gabriel take him by the hand and take his soul up to the glory of heaven and God Himself. So would he be forever.

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