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Migraines are a pain in the...(CENSORED)
First and foremost of all, my apologies for not posting something for this here writing community in a little while; I have tried to write something every so often at Writing.com, and I would have written more posts had it not been for one thing: The migraines that I get whenever I have my time of the month.
I mean, what is the big deal?! I had just gotten my period this month, but along that I had also gotten a migraine as well! I just simply cannot have cramps and a migraine both at the same time, I mean, that is not right! Why can't this migraine leave me alone and let me suffer from cramps in peace?
I had a migraine back in November, and now I just have one this month, and in December to be exact. This somehow strange health pattern is somehow all-new to me, so sooner or later, I may have to talk things over with my doctor; I do not think that it has anything to do with allergies.

Indeed, throughout this pandemic, I have been having I think more than one migraine during this whole thing; not too long ago, I had gotten some peppermint oil, and I had thought that it would help shorten the duration of my migraines. But recently, I had tried to inhale the oil to shorten this pain, but instead, it just got worse. And so, along with the migraine, it was back to the vomiting, the loss of appetite, and the lying down and the twitching.
As I am writing this, I am still recovering from this headache that I have now, but I think that it is going away now; and with that, I may have to go back to the drawing board and try and search for other ways to try and prevent the next migraine headache for me before it even starts. Sheesh, my migraines never go away, do they?
Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and wonder, not a time of joy and pain; however, we have indeed seen a lot of pain throughout this past year, the emotional kind if one asks me; none of us know what the coming year is going to bring, neither do we know how the pandemic will play out; but what we do know very well is this: The end of this pandemic is going to be coming. We just don't know if that will happen yet.
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