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A cute KiriBaku BNHA fanfic. A slow burn and sweet story! ~Fluff~
Crows cawed in the yard of the UA dormitory. Bread had been tossed into the yard and the crows were taking care of it for us. The only problem was it would attract more animals so whoever tossed out the bread wasn't obeying the rules. Food wasn't to be tossed into the yard since it would bring the animals.
"Which student tossed bread into the dorm's front lawn?!" the strict Tenya Iida scolded, his hands flying everywhere in a wild panic.
"Eh." Katsuki Bakugo groaned, just coming down from his dorm room.
"I think I may know..." Sero mumbled, his glance turning to the electric blonde Denki Kaminari.
"Hey!" Denki whined, like a young elementary grade child. "Why do you always rat me out?!"
Sero whistles, rolling his eyes as if he didn't hear Denki's childish whines.
"Kaminari! Throwing food out onto the lawn is breaking the rules, you should respect our dorms. The lawn isn't your personal dumping ground doing disrespecting the dorms isn't heroic behaviors!" Iida lectures the whining blonde loudly.
Kaminari as normal would probably make the same mistake within the next few days, he didn't seem to listen... or maybe didn't want to.
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