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They suddenly appeared over every Community on Lattan. What do they really want from them?

The Aliens Above Them

Short Shots Image Prompt (December 2021)

     “Look at the picture behind me,” Jakoline got up. She gestured toward the picture on a large video monitor as she stepped beside it.

     “It was just over four years ago when they suddenly appeared,” continues Jakoline. “Each one of them appearing slightly above a different community on Lattan.”

     Jakoline returned to her chair behind a large desk. “That’s about all they have done, though. They haven’t spoken. All they do is descend a couple of times a day. The picture behind me shows one of those times.”

     “I don’t know where it is yet or who it has come from. But that doesn’t matter right now. What does is that it’s one of about a thousand that I somehow get every day. And they are all about the same.”

     “They are showing a gathering of Lattans who believe that these Aliens are some kind of Superior Beings. Not a whole lot of Lattans feel this way. But there are about one billion of them. And it’s growing daily.”

     Suddenly, her eyes bugged out. It was obvious that she was shocked about something. “This just in. There has been another explosion at an Alien gathering.”


     “This makes the seventy-seventh explosion that has happened in the last three years,” said Jakoline as she walks among the latest one. Walking through some of the bigger pieces that used to be part of that gathering.

     “Everyone knows who has been doing these explosions,” continues Jakoline. She was talking out loud to herself.

     Loud, but not loud enough for anyone else to hear her. And there were a lot of other Lattans doing what she’s doing. Only most of them were part of the investigation and clean-up. “Let’s find out if it was him.”

     Jakoline walked up to a Law Enforcer. She knew who he was because he wasn’t doing any cleaning. And she knew him. “Waltim, have you found anything that says he has done this?”

     Waltim swiped his upper arm and about half of his palm through Jakoline. She shimmered as he did it. That meant that she wasn’t actually there. “You know I can’t tell anyone if it was or wasn’t him.”

     “You know I’m going to find out if it was him or not.” Jakoline smiled as she said that. “If you don’t do it, there are several others here who will.”


     “It doesn’t look like he has been here yet,” said Jakoline as she stared up at a large shapeless floating light that looked like a small sun. She had to cock her head almost completely back to see it. That was how high it was hovering above her.

     Now Jakoline was looking all around that gathering place. That was what the Lattans called those places. “He has been seen in this Community. Just like the other Eighty-one Communities that he has been in right before another explosion happened.”

     Jakoline stepped back into a large tree that instantly concealed her whole body as two Law Enforcers walked past her. once they have done that only her head comes out of that tree. “No one has shown up yet for the daily gathering. But they should be starting to come here soon.”

     “If he is going to place the explosive here soon, he’s going to need to do it before too much longer. Of Course, he may have already done it. After all, he has been in this community for the last three days. And we don’t know what kind of an explosive that he’s using.” Just then an explosion destroyed most of that gathering place.


     “Who is Hearrol. And why is he causing all of these explosions? Jakoline asked from behind a desk.

     On the large monitor behind here, there is an image of a male Lattan. “That’s what most of us here on Lattan wants to know. Especially, the Law Enforcers.”

     “I have a lot of Lattans all over Lattan who have been contacting me whenever they see him. But by the time I get to that Community, most of the time the explosion has already happened and he’s no longer there or it’s about to happen. Either way, I barely miss him.”

     “Several Lattans who are helping me know him personally. But they don’t know why he’s doing it. All they do know is that he’s one of the wealthiest males on Lattan. And that he is an Explosives Expert. That he learned to be an expert during World War Six. So, he can afford to do what he has been doing.”

     Jakoline sighs. “I have been trying to contact him myself. To get his side of why he’s doing it. But so far I haven’t been able to do it.”


     “Now that I know how Hearrol is using his explosives maybe I can stop him from doing it,” said Jakoline as she walked around a gathering place. She was looking at the chairs there.

     Suddenly, Jakoline stopped looking at the chairs and started looking at the Lattans who were beginning to come into there. Jakoline closed her eyes as tight as she could. The look on her face said that. After closing her eyes, she walked up to the first two Lattans. She put her palms on their chest and started pushing them back into the others.

     “Stop, you can’t come in here. An explosion hasn’t happened yet.”

     “Hearrol has been in this Community for the last three days. That means this gathering place is about to be destroyed.”

     Jakoline continued pushing. “So far, only a few hundred Law Enforcers have been hurt by these explosions. Most of them have been hurt very badly.”

     “What will happen if one of you gets killed? How will our Alien visitors react to something like that happening?”

     “So far, no one has been killed because of these explosions. But what if one of our alien visitors gets killed? What will they do then?”


     “No explosion happened at that gathering place,” said Jakoline from behind her desk. I don’t know why it didn’t happen. But I’m happy that it didn’t.”

     “Maybe Hearrol saw that the Lattans were coming to that gathering a little earlier this time. And he decided not to use them.”

     Jakoline sighs. “It was the next day that the explosion happened. No one was hurt. Not even any of the Law Enforces who were there.”

     “What I saw at that gathering was about a hundred Lattans staring at our Alien visitor. At first, they were sitting in the chairs there. But when they got full, they started standing up as more Lattans continued coming in.”

     “When our Alien visitor came floating almost down to the stone platform that they created the first year they were here, the lattans started raising their hands and trying to get their attention.”

     Jakoline swiveled in her chair to face the picture that she received a long time ago. “Just like this picture is showing, they started going up to that Alien visitor.”

     “I don’t know how they got chosen to go up there. And what happened once they got there. But it looked to me like they were there for some specific reason.”


     “Why do you want to know why I am doing what I have been doing?” Hearrol asked after he suddenly appeared on the large monitor behind Jakoline.

     Jakoline turns to face Hearrol. “Because a whole lot of us want to know why you are doing it.”

     “It doesn’t matter why,” said Hearrol. “That isn’t the reason why I’m here.”

     “Then why are you here?” Jakoline asked. “Why did you secretly contact me a few days ago?”

     Hearrol sighed. “You know why I did it secretly. It’s because I don’t want anyone to know where I am or what I’m about to do.”

     “I had no choice but to contact you,” continued Hearrol. “You are getting too close to finding out what I’m doing. And I don’t want anyone else to know about it.”

     “At least not yet. I’m going to do it. But I’m not ready right now.”

     Jakoline swiveled around in her chair and pushed a button on her desk. Then she turned back toward Hearrol. She gestured to something behind her. “As you can see, you don’t have to worry about anyone knowing what you tell me about what’s going on with you.”


     “I know that you won’t tell anyone about what I am about to tell you. That’s why I have come back to talk to you. It’s the Law Enforcers that I’m worried about. They have ways of getting what they want. And they want me.”

     “You don’t have to worry about them either, Hearrol. They are looking for me too. And they haven’t been able to find me neither.”

     Hearrol said nothing for several minutes. When he spoke, he did it almost in a whisper. “You want to know why I’m doing what I have been doing. It’s because of that picture that I sent you.”

     “Look at those Lattans. They believe that our Alien visitors are Superior Beings.”

     “They come to these gatherings because of what they believe. That’s not all that they do, though. They’re also there to ask for something.”

     Once again, Hearrol said nothing for a long time. “I didn’t believe in them being Superior Beings. But I did ask them for something. And I didn’t get it.”

     “Maybe it was because I didn’t believe them as Superior Being. But I didn’t get what I asked them for. I got mad. That’s when I started getting back at them.”


     “I’m not crazy. I know that if I kill any of them, I’m dead. If it was just me, I wouldn’t like it. But it wouldn’t be too bad. What I’m worried about is the rest of Lattan.”

     Jakoline smiled as she continued looking up at Hearrol on her large monitor. “I thought that was the reason why you have planned your explosions.”

     “I also don’t believe that they are Superior Beings. But most of the Lattans do. And a lot of the ones who don’t are starting to believe it too.”

     “That is why I started secretly telling everyone what I think is going on here. It’s not just what they have been believing. And it’s not the way they are dressing in these purplish glowing robes. It is because of the small lights that are going into these Alien visitors.”

     Jakoline took a deep breath. “I think those lights are the reason why they are wearing that clothing and why they are acting like they are.”

     “That’s why I wanted to contact you. If we do this together, I think we can let all of Lattan know who these Aliens are. And what they are really doing here.”


     “Even though most of those small lights aren’t coming from any Lattans, I think they are draining our will to be ourselves. It’s their way of taking over Lattan without it becoming a war they may lose.”

     Jakoline took another deep breath. “We need to do something. I have been thinking about this for a long time. And I can think of only one thing that we can do to stop these Aliens.”

     “You need to kill at least one of them. Several would be even better. It’s the only way to let everyone know who they are and what they are trying to do.”

     “I don’t think they have any real power to destroy us. If they did, they would have done it a long time ago. By killing one or more of them, it will show everyone what is going on here.”

     Jakoline sighs. “If I’m wrong, we may all be killed. But if I’m right, we have a fighting chance.”

     “We may not win this war. But isn’t that better than losing like this? I think that it would be better to be killed fighting back than to lose this way.”

Word Count = 1,984

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