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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #2263625
Your village sacrifice you to a she-wolf who loves feasting on humans
The leader of your little village has ordered you to visit a meadow a few hours walk from home. They did not say why, but their face was sombre as you set off.


The meadow is a soft carpet of petals, featuring every colour of the rainbow. It emits a fresh floral scent that delights your nose as you inhale.

Just as you are getting used to your surroundings, you hear a soft voice cry: "Yes, my dinner is here! They've sent a tasty-looking one this year."


Your head snaps round to see a grey-furred she-wolf slinking through the flowers towards you, fluffy tail wagging behind her.

Waving to the she-wolf, you call: "Hello, there! Any idea why I'm here?"

The she-wolf bounds up to you and knocks you to the ground. While you're laying flat out on the ground, she sniffs you. Her snuffles are all you can hear as her muzzle sweeps over your body, taking in your scent. "You smell scrumptious!" she tells you.

You stroke her tummy, and find her fur is as soft as the flowers you're laying on. "You feel warm, especially on the inside," you comment.

With you still laying on the ground, the she-wolf rips your shirt off with her claws, exposing your chest to the cool air. Before you can react, she places her front paws on your shoulders, pinning you.

"What?" you ask, unsure what's happening.

The she wolf tilts her large head so she's gazing straight into your eyes. Her own amber ones are sparkling. "Your leaders send me an offering each year to stop me treating their village like my own personal human buffet. This year, much to my delight, it's you!" she tells you.

The tongue that just told you your fate lick across your chest. It's wet and warm, and leave a trail of saliva on your skin. "Mmm, what a delicious offering you are," the she wolf murmurs.

It seems like you taste good, for the she wolf takes another lick, and another, murring as she does so.

Your tongue, and the rest of your mouth, cries out with joy. "Yes! You're not the only one who's delighted!" you tell the she wolf.

In response, the she wolf giggles and laps her sloppy tongue all over your chest.

"I need you in my mouth," the she-wolf moans between licks.

As quick as a flash, the she-wolf leaps off you.

The few seconds you are unrestrained for aren't enough to react.

The she-wolf licks at your feet. You're ticklish down there, so you giggle and wriggle helplessly.

While you're laughing and squirming, the she-wolf takes your feet in her mouth, wrapping her tongue around them as she does so. "Mmm," she moans.

Despite obviously enjoying having your feet in her mouth, the she-wolf swallows then, delivering them safely to her tight esophagus and pulling your legs into her mouth. The she-wolf's mouth is hot and moist. Her sloppy tongue laps constantly up and down your legs. With your feet and ankles in her esophagus, your movement is limited.

You let out a moan of pleasure. The she-wolf's mouth is the cosiest place you've ever been, and it feels fantastic!

Inch by inch, the she-wolf takes more of you in her mouth, sending you down her esophagus.

When she licks your chest, it tickles, so you giggle and wriggle.

The she-wolf laughs too, though her laughter is muffled by having a mouthful. A mouthful of you.

The she-wolf rubs her tummy with her paws, thus rubbing you. It feels blissful, and you can't help but sigh with contentment as her soft tummy walls are squished into you.

"Happy in there?" the she-wolf asks.

"Oh yeah!" you moan.

"Then let it be your bed for the night," the she-wolf says.


You spend the night in the she-wolf's tummy. The sleep you have there, comforted by her snoring, is the best you've ever had.

In the morning, the she-wolf gently regurgitates you, returning you to the cold and harsh world outside her body.

Before she lets you put on the clothes she's laid out for you on the flowers of her meadow, the she-wolf gives you one last longing lick.

While you're getting dressed, the she wolf wanders off and disappears behind a tree. When she returns, there's an envelope in her mouth, which she drops at your feet.

Nodding at the envelope, the she-wolf explains: "It's a prey quality report for you and your village elders. Take it, and all my gratitude, with you."

Too choked with emotion to say goodbye to the she-wolf, you give her a nod, pick up the slightly-damp letter, and head on your way.


On the way home, you eventually tire of daydreaming about how good it felt to be eaten alive by a she-wolf, so you read the letter she wrote about it. Here's what it said:

“Best prey ever! I could tell you were enjoying every second, just like me. You were so tasty that my tastebuds tickle when I think of you. Your little squirms were delightful. As for when you curled up inside me and drifted off, that was heavenly.

There's no need for your village to look for another offering next year. I want you. I want you every year. Preferably, I want you every day. Something tells me you'd quite like that, which is part of why I like you."
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