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From Whose Side Do I Speak? Am I a Righty or a Lefty?
America's Conundrum...

It's said that we are who we were;
be famous, rich, or lowly cur.
Our history, once thought sublime,
has gone through changes, lost to time.
Our promised land
once thought so grand
is losing stature, brutely planned.

Our innocence, unmoored by lust
has stymied us! Thus, we've been thrust
into a world where we've been had!
Their lies believed... and armor-clad.
With crowds transfixed
their lies and tricks
instill in us - false politics.

Oh woe are we - who know what's true.
For at this time we've gone askew!
So many folks have lost their sight;
where their truth lies... it's wrong makes right.
What's in their ear
is what they hear.
The lies repeated - year by year.

Democracy - a fragile thought.
We seek it - yet it's never caught.
For it's alive! A state of mind.
A righteous theme for ALL mankind!
We must take heed
as we proceed.
If toyed with, we will NOT succeed.

We're in a bind – there's no way out.
It seems that no one has the clout
to speak the truth... and have it heard
by every person! It's absurd!
Our country's lost.
A permafrost
has settled in... at greatest cost.

We're at a crossroads - scary times.
In highest places... hefty crimes.
They WILL press on, in their pursuit
to build their lies - the truth... dilute.
With truth obscured,
their lies - assured;
Democracy is NOT secured...

So what's the answer? What's the plan?
Thus far we cannot countermand
the lies they've told - so many ways.
The question looms... as I rephrase:
What can we do
to change their view?
Can we survive? Somehow... come through?

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