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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Political · #2263793
A falling of the guard
Cerberus [Pantheon, part III]

Cerberus has fallen,
the gates flung, open wide;
with voices distant calling,
buried deep, and cast aside

Mortals frozen, eyes dull, glazed,
compliant, in their place;
rigged before a Gorgan's gaze,
Medusa leads this race

Withered statues line such halls,
this pantheon of gods;
prone to jesters, liar's calls,
forever are the odds...

balanced in their favour, long,
with opposition meek;
with Herculean labours, strong,
whilst ours lost, are weak

The meek wait silent, for their earth,
inheritances few;
taxed, evaded, soiled worth,
avoided, offshore... knew

Hidden in plain sight, they pass,
digressions, where? why? when?
living in a house of glass,
lined teflon, numbered 10

With stones hid poorly, buried deep,
hot rocks, cooled, take their aim;
waxen cladding, priced too steep,
yet never catching flame

Fired, moralistic turns,
rotations lacking grace;
disenfranchised pyres burn,
and leave without a trace

No trace of absolution, sought,
no sign of a request;
in need of revolution, fought,
with nothing to bequest

Nothing left to offer, lost,
nothing left but lies;
bereft, what little proffered costs,
Pandora's box runs dry

Fields lined in clover, flocked
Elysian pastures lied
with hades frozen over, locked,
a perfect place to hide

In dens, they chill and blather, hoard,
midst mediated nods;
whilst midnight's children gather, floored,
fools Amber from the gods

Nectar that they'll never see,
for gods and gods alone;
ambrosia shared 'tween holders glee,
ascendant to the throne

A throne, a mount... Olympus bled,
for five long years, hands tied;
with cerberus now fallen, fled,
... and gates flung open wide
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