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poor uncle Noor is unaware of his own son's death
This philosophy was written by Ahmed Nadim Qasimi in Urdu.
This is an Urdu philosophy written in English. In this philosophy, the philosopher tried to explain how badly wars affect people. Many lost the battle of life while fighting wars. And war is also responsible for what happened to poor uncle Noor. Uncle Noor is an old man who lives in a village where all villagers respect him and are aware of his daily routine. They all know how uncle Noor wakes up at a fixed time daily then how he takes the name of his creator to thank him for life. Then, uncle Noor would get his work done for the whole day. But there was a part of his routine he could not skip. he would go to the post office on daily basis. For reaching the post office uncle Noor had to cross the entire village. On his way to the post office, he would meet some people who would just ask him "where are you going baba Noor?" to which poor uncle Noor reply "to the post office to see if my son had sent any letter for me". When he would reach the post office the staff of the post office would prepare themselves to reply to the only question of poor uncle Noor. To which the staff member would reply with silence. That silence would be worse than the end of the universe or it could tear all seven skies. Even tho the entire village was aware of the incident that happened ten years ago including uncle Noor himself but he was still unaware of the fact that his only son become prey to the second world war. When the government sent a letter giving the saddening news of the death of the only son of poor uncle Noor. Uncle Noor was taken back by the news that he went in a terrible shock he forgot about his son's death and the entire war thing.

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