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by Steven
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Poem written for National Fruitcake Day Holiday Chellenge
My grandma always made fruitcakes
Made them every year
You would always receive her own
Dose of fruity Christmas cheer

But the recipe has a flaw
The fam’ly one she used
The cakes really did taste quite nice
But your teeth felt abused

To say they were really quite hard
Is an understatement
Oftentimes it felt like you were
Biting into cement

But Aunt Jill always received hers
With such unbridled joy
It was like watching a young kid
Getting the latest toy

In fact, if some-one didn’t want theirs
Jill would take that one, too
None of us ever questioned her
She’ll do what she will do

Grandma got old, as grandmas do
One night she passed away
We were all so upset, of course
But Jill’s mind went astray

“Just five more! Five more! Just five more!”
We all heard my aunt cry
She wouldn’t say what was going on
No what or when or why

I went to her house, just to check up
She was in her back yard
I made my way across to her
And hugged her really hard

“Just five more!” she sobbed against me
Her wailing loud and keen
But I found myself asking her
“Aunt Jill, what do you mean?”

She looked at me, then took my hand
Led me to the house itself
That was when I noticed the new room
“I did it all myself.”

I was going to ask questions
Then I had a hard look
I laughed so incredibly hard
That my whole body shook

For each and ev’ry single brick
‘Round each window and door
Was made of grandma’s fruit cakes
With a gap, room for five more

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