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Are we imagining meaning onto everything?

         What I am trying to show you here is that you are greater than you could humanly imagine. I am trying to free you from depression, heartache, fears, feeling trapped, stuck, etc., that is not the real you! *Unless you are in a state of bliss, and total enlightenment.* You are probably stuck in a mindset. I will show you have the power of choice to destroy it. Not for any one else, but for yourself.

         I was and feel most others were taught that putting yourself first was considered selfish as a child. Taught if I put myself first I wasn't a good person, that I should put others before me. I learned by living life, and found by experience how can I grow if I put myself last? I would always be dependent on someone else. I believe now, and you may after this, that we were taught harshly, and a little to strictly by others who meant well at the time. We need our own reality in life. To do that we need to do get a little wiggle room.

         Let try something, take any object or thing you see. What are you seeing? Your thoughts start to give it meaning, purpose, using what you acquired and learned in the past. Also by experience. They say experience is the best teacher, is it? It definitely could be, and it is truly yours. Not taught to you by anyone else. It is very helpful as long as you keep it in perspective, and don't limit it. Take a close look at the first object, or anything see that catches your attention. Did you notice adding meaning to that object? Then the next object/thing, etc. Some may even have big stories behind them. What if the perceived meaning could be something else? It would give it space to change. I hope you can understand this lesson. You will begin to learn the first steps to to break you free of a mindset. Every thought you ever had was probably someone else's. How many choices in life were from you own original thoughts? As you break away from implied meaning, your perspectives can change, and new ideas can come forward. Prove this to yourself, I believe you will add meaning to everything you see. Take some time to ponder this.

         Example the cup you use for coffee because that is what you imagined it's purpose to be. If re-imagined it can become a paper weight, a small vase, coin holder, etc. It doesn't matter. The point is it not "just" what you thought it was, and it's purpose can expand. Until you make it again with limited purpose, freezing it into that thought. Can you understand by not imagining automatically what something is, that it can allow space/wiggle room for it to be something else.

         Another example is if you had a blood pressure cuff to take your blood pressure. Reading the numbers, and they were high. You may automatically start to imagine that you may I need a doctor, go to the hospital, or need to be put on medications. Your mind races away with all sorts of meaning, forgetting you had three cups of coffee, and a soda earlier. Did you notice how fast that imagined thought turned quickly into fear, causing you anxiety. If you took your blood pressure again, it probably would be even higher now. Perceived automatic imaginal thought running amok. Now you can understand all this a little more, that when imagining automatically, some thoughts cause consequences.

         Good Job. Did you see how you could be adding meaning to things? By a bias thought pattern, perhaps. Do you think others might do that? Example drama queens. If we absorb every thought taught to us without questioning it, then we use them to make choices, things get messed up. Practice letting go, see a object for what it is, without a perceived imagined meaning. What you will accomplish by doing that is to give everything some space to become something else without your thoughts freezing it solid.This will allow for other growth and possibilities, wiggle room.

         What do you imagine yourself to be, are you your profession, or are you more? What mindset or perceived thought do you have for, or of yourself? What if you allow yourself space, wiggle room, you can become someone else, then someone else? Understand? You freeze yourself into being who you think you are, but you really aren't that at all.

         I now have something for you to observe. Other people. When talking with them are they putting added meaning in their conversations? Life is created though imagination so they are probably are telling their imagined thoughts to you. Most people are imagining, or adding meaning, most of the time. What happens when they begin to imagine them meanings automatically, not paying attention to them? Would it be possible, or a risk that a feeling of fear, anxiety, poverty, frustration and separation would be the natural outcomes. What if whatever they are talking about, doesn't mean what they imagine it means? Just observe, and don't try to tell them that, they have their reasons to have that thought. Notice if they are telling you about something, but adding a imagined meaning to it.

         I was practicing what I been teaching you too. As an exercise I was listening to other conversations between people. I noticed that they added meaning also. I used a news (show) as another example. On their show I found that after they stated the news (X), they started adding meaning, imagining what X meant in their thoughts. I'm not judging whether that added thoughts were true, or not. Just observing. Others came on to tell us what X meant, adding their meaning, as long as it was within the view point. I thought what if X don't mean what they thought it meant. If you don’t question it I realized it was easy to get caught up in other peoples conversations and make it your own imagined reality.

         As a side observation I would like to mention something I also noticed watching the news (show). The word “Show” is on purpose here. After telling us the news(X), with all of them adding meaning, and imagining what X meant, they created drama, then anxiety, causing fear, pitting one side against another. Making you feel ill and sick to your stomach. Maybe with a headache thrown in. Afterwards air ads for anti-acids, anti diarrhea, headache, and ed pills. For those who watch all the time they have ads of all kinds of medications to cure all the dis-ease that they created in your body. Lawyers then run ads for you to sue the companies that were trying to help with your dis-eased body, making you more dis-eased over whether you were harmed by the medications in the first place. All caused by X's added meaning, and imagined thought. How ironic.

         As I had mentioned at first when I said how many thoughts are actually yours? Or are they mostly taught, or borrowed from others to be made into your reality? I can see now more of the later happening. Question things, wonder why you have that thought in the first place, and where it came from.

         What you will find is that our imagination creates, so if we concentrate on it, we create it. Making it our reality. A reality made very rarely from our own thoughts. By accepting others imagined thought we co-create that imagined thought into reality as a whole. With a block of people making a imagined thought (mindset) real. Wonder why the world is a mess.

         It's easy to envision when you hear two people talking to get sucked in. More so then I even thought teaching you. Also you might imagine adding a different meaning then intended from overhearing a conversation took out of context.

         Okay, the point is I am questioning what I taught you myself, to make sure it's still true. Proving it to be true for myself again. That's why I ask you to try them to see if that is the case for yourself. Question it, prove it. So you can be confident what I am telling you is true, and becomes a base to work from.

         Good job! You being a creator by thought, that is who you are. You are creating your reality. So why not create something better for yourself. Thoughts create your world, your reality. Watch your thoughts and eliminate the ones the don't serve your purpose. Question your thoughts, and where they came from.

         Place yourself first. With a little wiggle room, or space you will find you can create a whole new world for yourself. Remember when it is said that God/spirit seems to be "nowhere", he said to just give him some space. Then said “ I will imagine that space between the w and the h of nowhere". “Now here”. A simple message has been taught.

To have mastery. Watch your thoughts carefully (awareness), choose the thoughts you want to create with (enlightenment).

         Simplicity is a God/spirit sign. You make it hard on yourself. God/spirit had said I put no burden on you that you don't put on yourself. Take yourself off your cross, my son already did that for you. Now live your life in awareness, and enlightenment. This is how to start to create your dream life.
         You are receiving answers all the time. Be aware, and listen. God/spirit doesn't speak with a voice, but by intuition. Just ask that the messages get repeated until you get them. He uses other people, music, a book that falls off the shelf, etc.. Maybe even an imagined inspirational thought.

Thomas Seeker
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