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by fama
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This philosophy is written by Ghulam Rabbani Agro.
It was a sunny afternoon I was on my way to see someone close to me in a different place. After walking for a while, I reached a river where I saw a fisherman sailing his boat, I asked him "can I join ?" he nodded and I sat down with him then he started to sail again.
He said breaking the ice between us "do you know about the story of this river?"
I replied by shaking my head,
he then said "are you from here?"
I said "no I'm not from here, I came here to meet someone"
he then asked, "would you like to hear the story of River Mehran?"
I replied positively,
he started narrating," this river is named after a great prince whose name was Mehran, he was known for his generous and just treatment with his people. But it is said that when he was young, he wasn't kind but instead was a coldhearted person. One day prince was out hunting with his friends. He hunted a deer but when he was slitting its throat. He saw something in its eyes, he zoned out for a moment a friend of him noticed him zoning out so he took control of the situation. After killing the deer his friend asked him "you never hesitated when you bestow a cruel punishment on a human but today you were so hesitating to kill a deer", on which the prince replied," I saw death in its eyes which took me back for a moment that I will have to die one day to "hearing this his friend said "let me tell you the story of Aab e Hayat. There was a king named Sikandar who was in search of a pond. The pond he was searching for wasn't any common kind of pond but whoever would drink water from that pond would never die it was known as Aab e Hayat. Sikandar found the den where the pond of Aab e Hayat was located, he and his two best men went to drink that water one of them took a fish with him and release it into the pond." Hearing this the prince got excited and went out in the search of the same pond. He found the pond and was about to drink the water but he heard a voice, he looked up in search of the owner of the voice, it was the fish. He was quite fascinated at first but then he asked the fish "what do you want?" fish replied," dear prince do you really want to drink this water?" prince's reply was positive. Again the fish spoke "dear the pain of living forever is unbearable, it looks beautiful but it is a cruse. If you want to live forever live in people's hearts." Upon hearing this prince made his decision and returned to his land. He promised his people to destroy all the evil and give them all rights. When he died, his people named a river on his name "River Mehran". This river was an important part of their land. River Mehran is also known as River Indus. Indus River, Tibetan and Sanskrit Sindhu, Sindhi Sindhu or Mehran, the great trans-Himalayan river of South Asia. It is one of the longest rivers in the world, with a length of some 2,000 miles (3,200 km)

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