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The battle of Brittain in the eyes of a fighter pilot
The 266th fighter squadron takes off from their base. Spitfires. They got a radar warning: Many bandits are approaching at 6 o'clock. The opinion is that it is bombers escorted by fighters. Bombers type Focke Wulf Condor 200. Fighters type Messerschmitt BF 109k. The best German fighters. It's very fast after the take-off, that the squadron leader Roy Johnson sees the enemies. He count's fast, 10, 20, 50, 100. More as hundred enemy planes against his 24 planes! Oh, there is another Brittian Squadron approaching. Another 24 planes. So 1 against 2. Must go good. Directly when possible he fires at the enemy. It's a Condor, nickname Charlie. The crew jumps out of the plane. Their parachutes open and they fly softly to earth. Then considered he himself to be attacked by 2 other fighter planes. He makes a looping and shoots another plane. Hit! An Immelman. And another bomber shot down.
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