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This is indian story of magical body swap
It was a happy day. After all, Sanchita was getting married to her love Ritik today. She looked gorgeous in a red bridal lehenga that she had picked up after going through so many shops all over the city. She was beaming with happiness with her choice. Ritik, her long time friend from college, her husband-to-be was happy too to see his bride in her princess look.

They both took seven wows

As is the ritual, the bride and the groom walked around the ceremonial fire for seven rounds making seven promises to each other. One of the promise was that they will devote their soul and body to each other and bear noble children. Those two couldn’t be happier with all the promises they made to each other.

Ritik tried to hide his happiness as he tied mangalsutra around his love SanchitaRitik froze as soon as he tied Mangalsutra around Sanchita's neck
The time came and Ritik was ready to tie the sacred necklace called mangalsutra around his beautiful wife. He tried to hide his happiness from the world, but he didn’t have to try too hard. By the time, he had completed tying mangalsutra, he froze after what he saw in front of his eyes.
“Quick. He might faint. Do something quickly, Rachna. Don’t you remember what happened at your own wedding.”, Priya nudged Rachna who was sitting behind the bride Sanchita. They both were elder married sisters of Sanchita.

“Yes, didi (sister)”, Rachna said and quickly came into action and she grabbed Sanchita by her arms. Ritik was perplexed because he felt strange. He could see his own face in front of his eyes. Something felt different; he had unusual sensations that he had never ever experienced. And when Rachna grabbed his arm, he looked down and he saw he was in Sanchita’s bridal lehenga. Suddenly, his mind got aware of all the rushing changes in him. The big bridal nose-ring felt extremely heavy, his chest felt constricted in a heavy designer blouse he was wearing, his arms wrapped up in blouse sleeves could barely manage to take own the weight of dozens of bangles, his legs could feel the lehenga and silver anklets, his head was covered in a bridal chunari (head covering).

“Take a deep breath, Ritik. Everything is fine.”, Rachna whispered into Ritik’s ears who was now in Sanchita’s body.

He couldn't believe he was the bride now

Ritik’s parents got a little worried and wondered why is Sanchita suddenly looking so emotional. She was extremely happy a moment ago.

“What’s … What … ”, Ritik could barely utter in a low voice that was Sanchita’s as he looked perplexed at Rachna and Priya.

“Relax, Ritik… “, Priya came from the other side and started whispering into Ritik’s ears, “You married into a family of wizards. Since our family didn’t have any son to move forward their lineage, when a daughter in this family gets married, she swaps her body with her husband after the wedding. This way Sanchita will now inhabit your body and pass her wizard genes and continue the lineage.”

“This is … How can it…”, Ritik struggled with his words and looked like a beautiful bride who was about to cry. “Why didn’t this happen to you two sisters when you got married?”, he struggled to say with his failing feminine voice.

“Who said we are Sanchita’s sisters? We were men like you when we got married, and we are in the same situation as you, Ritik. Now, don’t think much about it. You will ruin your makeup. Stay calm before people start noticing you. Remember, no one is ever going to believe this happened to you. They will think you have gone mad. So, just stay calm. Trust me when I say this to you, you will be thankful for this new body and the new experience later.”, Rachna whispered in a low voice as she adjusted Ritik’s lehenga around his feet.

Ritik looked at Sanchita in disbeliefRitik got emotional as he couldn't understand how he can be the bride
Ritik looked in a disbelief at Sanchita who was comfortably sitting in Ritik’s body. Sanchita looked at nervous Ritik; she was now taller than him. So she bent down and said, “Sweet-heart, remember we promised to devote our body and soul to each other?”
Ritik didn’t know that “devoting one’s body and soul” would mean this. He had no choice but to go along with the whole charade as a bride. He wasn’t prepared to carry on with all the heavy jewellery and lehenga in his now soft body, but “his sisters” Rachna and Priya were there to help guide him with each step.

To the rest of the world, nothing seemed unusual. But for Ritik, who was now going back to his own home as the daughter-in-law of his own family, he wanted to scream but there was no use. No one would believe him.

He could believe that he was entering his own home as a bride

At his home, he had to go through the ceremony of griha-pravesha (bride’s first entry at home) by walking over a plate filled with a light paste of vermillion. Now, “she” had to bend down and touch every elder’s feet in the family with “her” husband on “her” side. Everything felt strange and extremely overwhelming to the new bride, the family he knew all his life seemed strange and different. Though it was his own home, he felt exactly what a new bride feels after her wedding.

Ritik's mother asked her daughter-in-law to go to her room and changeRitik's mother asked her daughter-in-law to go to her room and change
“Bahu (daughter-in-law), now you should go with your husband to your room. We will have another ceremony in two hours. Please freshen up and change into new clothes by then.”, Ritik’s mother lovingly instructed to her new daughter-in-law.
After that “she” went to her room with her husband. As soon as they had a moment of privacy, Ritik burst out at Sanchita who was walking comfortable in Ritik’s body.

Ritik was furious at Sanchita
“How am I suppose to change and be ready? How will I learn to dress and behave like a woman in two hours?”, Ritik was furious and yet “she” almost cried and ruined her mascara.
“Relax, Sanchita. If I can do a body swap in a minute, don’t you think I can teach you to dress and behave like a woman in two hours?”, Sanchita said in a calm voice.

He looked in disbelief that Sanchita took everything so easily

Ritik just looked at Sanchita in disbelief. Sanchita had already started calling him “Sanchita” and was already happily playing the role of Ritik. He remembered what Rachna and Priya had said to him. “Trust me when I say this to you, you will be thankful for this new body and experience later.” May be there is a brighter side to this that he has not seen yet.

He finally saw a silver lining to all these when he felt beautiful

It didn’t take him long to get a first glimpse of the brighter side when “she” felt extremely beautiful when “she” saw herself in the mirror after getting ready. The new bride was ready for the next ceremony at home.
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