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Rated: 13+ · Review · Sci-fi · #2264666
review of SF Novella by Raven Oak
This novella is distinct in that the first-person point of view is that of an Alien [in the far Future, on a distant planet somewhere (Bay-zar)] and all but one of the "extras," (to use a film term) are Aliens, of various diverse Species. The secondary protagonist is a young Human girl, on the run, unexpectedly befriended by the Alien Narrator, on a Tourist planet.

It's a tad unsettling whenever the narrator refers to its own Alien physique or references that of other Alien Species and to almost all of these, the poor Human girl is bizarre, with only two legs and two eyes! But the theme is all too familiar: bullying and xenophobia. All these Species (except Narrator Eerl) can't cope with a Human: she must be Spaced! Granted, Earth caused the destructive Interstellar Wars. Only Eerl can see past the odd physique to admire character.
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