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The gang discussing what to do next after finishing building 'The Edge!'
Three words for "Resolutions:"

Plan for Future

"What now?" Asked Astrid.
The gang was all gathered in the newly finished clubhouse on the newly dubbed "Dragons' Edge." With the completion of the building came a sense of completion. A good feeling, a feeling of achievement, of accomplishment, but also of finality, and a lack of continuity. The Edge was done, yes, but... "What now?"

The Heart's Duty

"Now?" Hiccup responded, "now we do what we built this for."

"Awesome," the twins said together, clueless as to what anything Hiccup said meant, but very moved by it nonetheless, as usual.

"Wait, like more work?" Snotlout asked, who apparently hadn't considered why anyone would build a base beyond having built it.

"No, Snotlout, not work," Fishlegs cut in: "exploring, cataloging, journaling, writing: oh Meatlug hold me!" He squealed and embraced his gronkle while Snotlout and the twins looked at him like he was crazy. And not even the good kind of crazy. The twins (and Snotlout) would know.

"Yes," Astrid declared: "I want to have a map of everywhere within a weeks flight mapped out by the end of the year." *groans from Snotlout and the twins*

"And on that map," Hiccup added, looking at everyone in turn: "we are going to note strategic and defensible positions," directed at Astrid, "new and exciting species, habitats, and resources," directed at Fishlegs, "places to fight, play, and relax, places of glory, and maybe even riches," directed at Snotlout, "and probably even some places of craziness and sheer insanity, who knows?" He ended, looking at the twins. "The point is," he said, looking around again, "now we live the lives we choose."

Fiction Forming Fervor

Inspired by Hiccup's words, the gang looked around, and raced to their dragons, whooping in excitement. They would go on to do many things, propelled by the vision instilled in their hearts. Dragony things, strategic things, intelligent things, 'glorious' things, and even crazy things. Every thing, in fact, that they planned to, and then some. Why? Because they had resolved to do so, and the -as yet unrealized- vision of what they wanted instilled in them a passion to bring their dreams into reality.
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