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Sad happy depressing and the best I've done

Cinderella wearing her beautiful white dress lived with her old stepmother and 13-year-old stepsisters. Cinderella being very saddeningly poor had to work all day long so that way all the others could rest very well, well enough to do special things. Cinderella often had to wake up to start a fire when it was cold And dark. It is her that cooked the meals for the scary family that she had to face every day, it was her that kept the fire going so that they could be warm during the cold seasons.My_Beloved_Fairy_Tale.docx_html_m4aa9309f.jpg

however, the girl had not been very clean herself from all the ashes and cinders, but she was ridiculously pretty for a girl like her, just as if she was a princess and that I believe she was, with the gorgeously gold crown flickering like a halo on her beautiful blond hair, she wore beautiful makeup such as eyeliner, lipstick, blush, mascara, eyeshadow. She had also worn ice blue eye contacts.

Her very ruinously rude stepsisters would always tell her about being a mess and that was the reason she was always called Cinderella, the stepsisters had always been very disrespectful towards her. At one big important time, news had flowed through the town, talking about how the queen and king would have a ball, a ball for their son, so that way he could find a bride, a beautiful, loving bride. They had started talking about how finally it was time for the prince to find, not just a beautiful but a caring bride, that could keep the love inseparable between them.

The girls in town were very dreamily happy, they wanted to be the bride themselves. They were to wear the most beautiful dresses made, do their hair all fancy in many different styles, French braids, pigtails, Waved, curled, they would cut their hair and even oftentimes dye it too. They were stylish but not enough.

In the meantime, Cinderella had to sew her two sisters beautifully colored dresses for the }ball, one dress pure red and the other a midnight blue dress. Cinderella had wanted

to go to the ball however once the stepmother heard this she blew up like a balloon, the two stepsisters had said that Cinderella was too big of a mess to go but wouldn't mind as long as she hadn't talked to the prince, they had wanted the prince to see what big mess she could make. All of a sudden Cinderella had felt as if she were sleeping beauty, she was exhausted to her very core.

Soon enough the stepsisters and stepmother left for the ball, it was time for the ball and the stepsisters for once in their life had actually wanted Cinderella to go...

But also for Cinderella to make her move. Cinderella had basically made a wish and so her fairy godmother had done work, the fairy godmother came up with the best dress anyone could ever ask for, all for Cinderella. Cinderella's dress had immediately been clean and as pure white as ever, she looked as if she had been in a fashion contest and won. The fairy godmother had made a carriage along with a driver and the four most beautiful horses anyone would ever see...

All though there was one major problem with her going to the ball and having her fun, It would all be gone by midnight, The night of the ball to be exact. She looked very stunning, and nothing could stand in her way of having just one special night with an incredible handsome prince.My_Beloved_Fairy_Tale.docx_html_m13408b6b.jpg

The second she stepped through the door everyone turned to look at beautiful cinderella. The prince and Cinderella had danced together, that is when the crowd went from confusion to jealousy. The prince hadn't paid them any mind, all he could see was stunning Cinderella in her amazing gown. They laughed and talked, smiled and blushed.

All of a sudden they heard a bong, it had been coming from the clock.

Cinderella cried out Oh my, I've outta go, it's almost midnight. I must go, she has finished. Cinderella ran up the stairs and out of the building losing not only the prince but also one of her amazingly beautiful glass slippers.

The prince went from house to house looking for the girl hoping to ask her a big question that he couldn't ask any other. She had not been found and it had already been a beautiful week it was hard to give up on such a big search but he wasn't done yet, not anyway, he was getting hopeless just as a girl had walked up with the other glass slipper in her pocket, he had not realized but then she took the princes hand and stood there with her other hand out when she slipped the glass slipper onto her foot.

He spoke soothingly, it was you, wasn't it, you came to the ball, we danced, we spoke and we had even laughed... One question( he got down on his knees and pulled out a ring)Will you be willing with your heart to be my well-loved bride for the rest of my and your young life?

Yes, she spoke through her soft voice, even though she was able to hear the loud voices of her stepmother and her stepsister's angry shouts. She didn't care, it was the man she loved, however, she didn't even know he was the prince until the day they'd gotten married.

They had, had several beautiful children 64 years before the prince had passed away, Cinderella was very depressed that day, and not only her but her sisters also, she had gotten put through the blame for murdering her husband, she couldn't handle it any longer and she had committed suicide that day, Cinderella and the prince had been united in heaven where their lives could never be taken ever again.

I used this link for help on Wonderful my fairy tale: A Cinderella Story ~ Bedtime Stories for Kids


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