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Rated: ASR · Chapter · Drama · #2264824
Rewrite: Jamie pays the price for his loyalty
Recap: Jamie grew impatient and concerned when Deacon and Koromaru took longer than usual to return from their walk. Fearing something may have gone terribly wrong he left Alice’s house in search of them.

Along the way he meets up again with Sebastian and is put into a situation that he has no other option than to take the blame for Deacon’s disloyalty.

Jamie is punched hard and told to wait for Sebastian at Sparks Park the next day to be made an example of. The tense encounter is suddenly defused by the unexpected interference of a large stranger that introduces himself as Pedro.

Jamie uses a false name and politely refuses the stranger’s offer for a ride to the medical centre to see about his dizzy status. Before they part ways Pedro says if Jamie is ever in need of help to look out for a Commer Van.

Jamie takes on the bullies

Rain had desisted. Sunshine now filtered through the last of the parting clouds, but a bitter northerly chill lingered. Jamie stood in the far south eastern section of Sparks Par, awaiting his penalty. Either side of him were his closest school friends, Jody and Kurt. Three others that had joined them, but he was not convinced whose loyalty they would show allegiance to would choose; if push came to shove. He suspected it would probably be their own.

“I really appreciate this,” said Jamie. He scoured the small crowd of pupils, but could not see any sign of Harvey or Travis. “We’re probably gunna get our asses kicked ya know.”

“I’m not deserting you bro,” said Kurt “And I ain’t not going down without a fight.”

“Me neither, too,” said Jody.

Jamie felt fatigued from the lack of sleep. His encounter with Sebastian had weighed heavy on his mind. The rational thoughts urged him to seek protection from Travis, but running to big brother for help, somehow seemed gutless. He wanted to show his siblings that he was worthy of their respect; especially Deacon. There had been a noticeable lack of remorse in his younger stepbrother’s tone, when Jamie finally caught up to him.

His dreams were full of conflicting scenarios; in one he was trained by Jackie Chan and easily over powered Sebastian. Another had him lying in a hospital bed, and there was even a whimsical one where the bullies were chased away by a pack of wolverines, which he befriended and was transported deep into a mystical forest on board a sledge accompanied by the Easter Bunny.

By the time he had left for school he was a nervous wreck. His uncharacteristic quietness attracted unwanted attention but he assured his family that he was just tired. Alexander was not convinced and continued to probe with the best of intentions. Jamie unable to take the pressure told him to shut up for which he received a timeout. However, such a delay would mean him missing the school bus so his punishment was now postponed until his stepfather’s got home from work.

“Here he comes!” said someone from amidst the spectators.

Joshua and Noah drew closer, as if seeking protective hands to hold, whilst Jody and Kurt remained staunch. Jamie was once again struck with the urge to flee, but to do so in front of so many witnesses would only confirm the allegations of his cowardness around the playground.

A respectful hush ascended the spectators as Sebastian and his small entourage of aggressive subordinates approached. It was obvious they had anticipated Jamie having recruited some friends for protection. Some he recognized from school, others were unfamiliar to him. They looked tough and he had little doubt that pity was an absent trait shared by all of them.

“Yo, Monkey boy,” said Sebastian coming to a halt and scowling at him, “last chance to change your mind. Just tell me the truth and you can walk away unharmed.”

“If I say I didn’t do it, do I have to tell you who did?” said Jamie.

“That would only be an issue if we found out later that you lied to us,” warned Sebastian.

“What’ll happen to me if I say I did it?”

“Then you’ll get a hiding, Monkey-Boy”

“His name’s Jamie,” said Kurt. “And if you lay a hand on him we’ll open a can of whip-ass on you.”

“You’d best ring several ambulances first,” said Sebastian.

“Yeah, and you and your boyfriends will be riding in them,” said Jody. He squealed as Patrick thumped his left cheek.

Jamie charged forward and started throwing wild punches, most of which either missed or had any effect on the thugs’ aggression. An uppercut lifted off his feet. He felt dazed and unfocused, but shaped up like a boxer as a last act of defiance. A right-cross connected, knocking him to the ground.

He struggled to his feet just in time to witness a stone smack the back of Sebastian’s head. The altercation came to an abrupt halt as the bullies were pelted. Jamie turned to and felt pleasantly surprised to see Travis, Harvey and Melissa all throwing stones. Joining them were several of Travis’ kickboxing associates.

A shrill whistle sounded and a number of spectators rushed out from the crowd. Jamie’s siblings and associates did the same. From the horrified expression on the bullies’ faces, it was obvious they knew the tables had turned. In a desperate bid to make his older stepbrother proud, he gave Sebastian a much harder punch, and then kicked his shins.

Within seconds Travis had taken over and dealt to the bully. Jamie was grabbed from behind by Melissa and ushered from harm’s way. He saw that another one of the bullies was getting the better of Harvey. He broke from his sister’s grip and tried his best to protect his stepbrother, though neither of them had much experience in such brawling.

Sirens sounded. Jamie could see approaching several police cars out of the corner of his now swollen left eye. The spectators and the majority of the protagonists fled. Travis overpowered and shielded Jamie and Harvey from the others. while Melissa booted the back of one of the bullies’ shorts.


“I am very disappointed in you Jamie!” scolded Alexander, wagging his index finger at the tip of his nose.

“I’m sorry Dad.” said Jamie staring back with misty eyes.

“You should have come to us,” said Catarina. “We would have sorted the matter out.”

“That’s how Deacon got into this mess in the first place; by ratting him out.” retorted Jamie.

“Look Jamie, I appreciate you having the courage and selfless sacrifice to protect your younger brother, but you’ve got to learn to know your limitations. You are not an aggressive child by nature, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Unless you are prepared to change who you are, which I sincerely hope you don’t, I would advise against antagonising such bullies.”

“I don’t want to live my life as a coward, Dad.”

“Be that as it may, what you did was very dangerous and very naughty.” said Catarina.

“Yes Mum…I’m sorry.”

“As punishment, you are going to forfeit your Macdonald’s and movie outing.”

“That’s not fair! You promised we’d do something special for A-day, as a family. You know…the day you guys adopted me? Or isn’t that important anymore?”

“Your inclusion into this family is very important to you and we all love you very much.” said Alexander. “We’ll still celebrate your special day but not with the outings.”

“I was looking forward to going out, Dad.”

“It wouldn’t be an effective punishment if it did not inconvenient you somehow.”

“Couldn’t you just give me a spanking instead?”

“We wouldn’t do that to you, and you know it,” said Catarina. “No outings, Jamie.”


“You can cry until the cows come home if you don’t like it, but there’ll be no Macdonald’s or movie and that’s all there is to it” said Alexander. “Now to your room…and don’t even think about any desert tonight.”

“Yes Dad, Mum…I’m sorry.”

-To be Continued-
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