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Dreamscape with Black Squirrels
Four Black Squirrels...
In my dreamscape, four black squirrels were given to me by my close friend Lane in which he placed them into my 98 silver Camry. They were very active with one constantly swirling in my hands. My dead daughter, Rosebud was in the car with me attending to them and keeping me good company. I found myself extremely worried about the four squirrels, careful to make sure they were well attended. I would occasionally roll down the windows to showcase them for passerby's, drawing attention to myself. I was always afraid of their teeth but it was all for not. They were always very well behaved. I begged Rosebud to flag down Lane in the crosswalk so he could recover his squirrels as they were better suited to the outdoors. It proved a difficult task to get Lane to notice us. I also noted the squirrels were thirsty even though water was made available to them. The number of squirrels was very important for this dream being 4444. A spiritually significant number meaning tough times have come upon me and my light team was on my case for supportive guidance in my difficulties. I also abhor animals being trapped as their freedom is always a concern. Surrender and Trust was the overall them of the dream with support in abundance. Traversing the shadows I face with as much lighthearted fun as I can muster.

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