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by Norman
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The underdog has my support.
I’m sitting here just waiting for
this contest to begin.
I’m rooting for the underdog;
I hope that they will win.

It doesn’t matter who they are
or even what’s the sport.
It could be on a football field
or on a B-ball court.

It may be in the Final Four
or some big soccer game.
I’ll pick the side that doesn’t have
the glory or the fame.

Unless it is my favorite team,
one that I’m cheering for,
the underdog has my support
to get the winning score.

But if you are a Yankee fan
I’ll tell you straight and true,
I’ll always root against your team.
I’ll stand and holler, “BOOOO”

I’ve always been the underdog
in everything I do.
That’s why I root for them to win.
I hope they will pull through.

And every now and then, you know,
although the odds are thin,
the underdog will pull it off
and come up with a win.

And someday that poor wretched team
may finally get to soar,
and they will be the favored ones,
the underdog no more.

You know what happens then, of course.
They’ll be the team to beat.
Then I’ll root for the other side
to hand them a defeat.

Hey, maybe some day I will win,
and wouldn’t that be nice.
But I’ll still be the underdog.
You know I won’t win twice.

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