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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Political · #2265081
Release the Kraken
Kraken [Pantheon, part IV]

Skulking in the undertow,
along the ocean floor;
the Kraken plots as tides blue, flow,
in tentacle and claw

Words that carry notions, snide,
italic, bent with ease;
as ink prints, muddies oceans, scryed,
'midst myriads of sleaze

Sleaze claims masking treason, plots,
corruption, fraud remiss;
calling out for reason, blots,
from depths of the abyss,

Drowning in a darkness, dredged,
an undertow we've sown;
pitched black with the sins alleged,
protected by their own

'cause here there be monsters,
here, dragons there may be;
in the end, the water wants us,
... it wants us not to see

To see beyond the Kraken's ink,
to grasp beyond the page;
to sense beyond the blackened stink,
the dance upon the stage

Ill begotten parties, past,
'neath seas, the soiree played;
an octopus's garden, cast,
forever in the shade

Played and laid in platters,
cheese and crackers, opaque wine;
a circus, torn in tatters,
as the ink, it stains in time

Reflected in a mirror, left,
deflected in the sun;
time bided right, with truth bereft,
elections bought and won

Bought with lies, and notions old,
emotions played with well;
as sirens sing, illusions sold,
bewitched, the ocean's swell

and so we watch the ship subside,
yet somehow stay afloat;
Blue Boris sails flapping, lied,
'midst boosted, vaccine quotes

Lines spun rich, with little cost,
to truth... such women... men;
with Davy Jones in lockdown, lost,
and do's at number 10

Shafting crewman, in their greed,
flags flying, colours shown;
if lubrication's what you need,
... you'd better bring your own

Amidst the call of long shot odds,
'gainst rising tides of spin;
in the thrall of teflon gods,
with armour wearing thin

Thinning in the undertow,
in tentacle and claw;
the Kraken plots as tides blue, flow,
cross murky ocean floors
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