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Client Sessions Stories

In my past client sessions in Atlantis as a Celestial Shaman... I was shown the "Sisterhood of the White Rose" and asked to share this...

I bring this information forward to those Feminines who wish to Utilize this Sacred Community available to us in Meditation. To some reading this... You will experience a Remembrance of your participation in these healing circles of High Priestesses in the Atlantean Age. This Elegant and Sacred practice was designed by women in the day with the most pure intentions to bring about healing and nurturing for the Divine Feminine Essence. The Special White Roses used in these ceremonies were cultivated for their purity and grown in the most fertile soils. The highly prized blooms were expertly crafted by the Head High Priestess of the Sisterhood. They were priceless gems spanning approximately 5 feet in width and length. The White Rose's significance was witnessed by the placing of protection through armed guards of the day. The Sisterhood of the White Rose entailed the gathering of the High Priestesses dressed in White Hooded Robes gilded with golden trim in a circle around the Titan White Rose. The Energy of Rose was drawn out into a spiral pattern then upwards spanning out forming a bubble around those gathered. The energies of the Rose fortified the Divine Feminine in the Days to Come. There were many held secrets from this Sisterhood which are accessible only to those willing to go into these depths.

And so it is... Available to you now. Sit in a quiet place, imagine yourself in this circle of women. Call forth the energy of this White Rose to you and allow it to bathe you in it's most exquisite energy...

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