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Poem about addiction. Helping yourself can be hard
Your excuses aren’t real

But I see that you are truly suffering

No matter how many chances you’ve had

I still can’t help but want good things for you

There will always be haters

Forget them

Open your eyes and see the love that surrounds you

It may seem like everyone is pushing you, pointing out your faults

You start to think it’s easier to give up than try

Telling yourself it’s never going to happen

Stop the nonsense

You are in control of your life

You can be happy and healthy

Don’t just make it your goal, make it your life

Read about it, practice it, breath it

A new beginning, a new you

You are loved!

These people pushing you only want what’s best for you

Did you know they suffer with you

Wanting to see you succeed

Love yourself

Survive this and tell your story to help others
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