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by Irish
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A little something to get started
I think it all began back in 2010 , a first start into the writing world where there were many characters and people who were pretending to be people and then back to the characters that they often wrote about week after week. It was a fun and exciting part of my life. No one noticed for a long time until 7000 other avatars seemed to be creeping up on my back door. I wish I was exaggerating even just a little bit but nope 1 silly bloke turned into 7000 other strangers from all around the globe. East, West, North and yup you guessed right the South hun.
It's where it all got started, the girl in the pink coat, the many poems that if I were to even try and read out thought wine would spit out all across this keyboard I am even daring to write on at this very moment in time.
I even changed names, and you wonder why would I do such a thing? It's all in the fun of the blogging world don't you know? Well back in 2010 it was anyway. Just so you know I kept the first name for quite a while and even when I did try and change those people who hid behind their screens knew exactly what this writer was up to, so what I thought could be a little fun was pretty well useless and a big waste of time and effort on my part. Now after a big long break from the writing world I come here not sure why because I have many things that need to be done and accomplished before this yet for some reason I find myself typing away with a bunch of useless words that probably no one on the planet will even consider to read.
A little secret for all if you do land on this , I am totally okay just writing for myself as I did the writing for all back in the day and now I am just satisfied with this what ever it may be!
I very much enjoy travel and not being able to go anywhere because of the mess this world is in drives me quite crazy as in the moment if the world gave me some glimmer of hope I would be on the next plane with the next adventure and camera in hand or just my cell to take the next greatest picture of moi doing something extremely crazy. That's just how I like it. Go big or stay home on your sofa and cry about not going and well yup that is just not me. instead I have no choice that drives me even more to the brink of madness.
Especially since I have been extremely busy for just over a year and half and boy does this lady need a serious get away from where I am in this world.
A girl can love her dog so much but then it's time to have a little break and feel the sunshine on her skin instead of this freezing cold nonsense!
Anyway , I am going to be back writing I think
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