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Guide to Windows Web Hosting 2022 is a concise and easy-to-understand guide for anyone.
A dynamic website with visually gorgeous elements is the need of every modern business. Many web hosting companies offer Windows web hosting solutions for filling this gap.

While Linux is one of the best mainstream options, Windows hosting can also help you stay ahead of the competition.

This post is going to be a quick guide to windows web hosting. We will cover its pros and cons, scenarios when you need windows hosting and most frequently asked questions about it.

The popularity of Windows operating systems throughout the globe makes windows hosting the choice of many web owners. Let's check some of its pros. Why would someone type windows web hosting UK on Google?

Advantages of Windows Web Hosting

Windows is a Microsoft-friendly option. Many websites and businesses rely on Microsoft products such as FrontPage and ASP to function correctly.

Windows servers are easy to manage and simple to scale. Also, you can manage multiple websites conveniently.

Most of us are familiar with Windows operating systems. If you opt for Linux, you need some time to get used to it.

Windows servers come with a Plesk Control Panel, unlike Linux that gives you cPanel. Plesk provides a straightforward interface to manage multiple domains.

Disadvantages of Windows Hosting

Despite being programmed with robust security algorithms, Windows servers cannot compete with Linux servers in terms of security.

Windows servers may cost you more than Linux servers. However, this heavily depends on the plan you pick.

Stability is also one major concern. One of the primary reasons behind the fame of Linux servers is their dependability. Windows servers sometimes crash while running many programs and processes simultaneously.

When is Windows Web Hosting UK The Best Option?
In many areas, Windows hosting harbours exceptional strength. For example, it is more than essential for some web programming languages such as ASP, Visual Basic, and C#. Also, it supports the commonly used databases such as SQL and MS Access.

Sounds confusing, right? The Internet is full of hype about Linux hosts, and here we are mentioning the wonders of windows.

Let's make this simple. Windows is the best option when you are a small business owner with basic needs; shared hosting or cloud hosting plans of Linux suit you more.

Windows Hosting is your call when you own a large business with numerous daily visits. That will also make website maintenance easy for your IT team.

Let's explore some specific reasons when Windows Hosting becomes the best option.

ASP.Net Empowers Your Website

Windows hosting is an excellent solution when the website you are going to host on the server is developed in ASP.net language. It will let you manage your website without making any significant changes.

You Need Multiple Features

Windows Hosting comes with a plethora of features. For example, you can access the Microsoft Exchange mail server. That makes email management almost effortless. However, using the diverse characteristics and moulding them as per your needs depends on your creativity and management skills.

You Want Something Beginner Friendly

Go for Windows shared hosting if you are not a technical person. Windows hosting does not require you to be highly qualified. Work on your hosting plan without learning too many new things.

You Need MySQL

The majority of Windows systems use MySQL for database purposes. If your database preferences are MySQL, then go for Windows Hosting.

Windows Hosting: Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Does Windows Hosting support WordPress?

Answer: This is one of the most common questions. The audience asks if it is possible to host WordPress on a Windows server. In simple words, the answer is yes.

Microsoft provides a set of tools and a robust platform that can host WordPress. However, the interface is the most important thing about Microsoft's web platform. The server can wear several hats and tackle complicated IT tasks.

Question 2: Does Windows Hosting Support PHP?

Answer: Once again, the answer is yes. Majority of the shared Windows Hosting plans, by default, support PHP. If it is not activated, ask your windows host to activate it.

The Final Verdict

Windows shared hosting or the best Windows cloud hosting is an excellent solution for a broad range of services. In some cases, you may have to pay more than Linux solutions. However, the advantages outweigh the costs. Feel free to go with the services if you want high functionality and integration with widespread applications.

Remember that software compatibility is the significant competitive edge of windows hosting. This is the primary reason to get Windows hosting. So ensure that the Windows hosting solution you pick up is compatible with major programs like:

Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SharePoint
ASP Classic
MS Access
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