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a short history of Pakistan's national language
The fact of life is that every nation has the qualities that make them different from all other nations. These qualities are the distinctness of the nations. One of the greatest of all these distinctness is language. Every nation has a different language and they have different ways of talking. Urdu is the great distinctness of Pakistan. Urdu is our national language. Language is a great way of developing unity and peace among the nation. Although there are many different languages spoken in different areas of the country but Urdu is the only way to talk all across the country. When kings were ruling the subcontinent the people here used to speak Persian all across the subcontinent. Persian was taken as a national language there, official documents were also written in Persian and Persian literature was used in stories, letters, books. For independence, the scholars and well-educated people started using Urdu as a common language to preach even a person with less education. soon Urdu started to replace Persian. people started to speak Urdu in different parts of the subcontinent. later people found it hard to replace Urdu with any other language and will take alot of struggle to change it to any other language.

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