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Yuna’s politeness gets her into trouble again as a 20 foot tall Rikku gets ‘curious’
“You want me to what?” Yuna backed into Rikku’s massive thigh.

“Ohh, you know Yunie,” Rikku bit her lip. A huge hand cupped behind her ass and pushed her inwards, where Rikku’s thighs swallowed up her vision and she was left face to face with the giant pussy between them. Dappled with mid blonde curls and about a foot long, the thing could’ve swallowed most of her body without a problem.

“Cmon Yunie, when are we gonna have this chance again?” Rikku winked. “Tell ya what, if you try it and don’t like it, I promise we’ll stop, okay?”

“Umm…” Yuna hesitated. How was this going to help her defeat Sin? She was pretty sure this was committing sin. But despite herself, she crept in closer, and reached down into her cousin’s pussy.

Itchy pubes scratched at her arm, but her whole hand was swallowed up by willing flesh, and it just seemed to keep going, no giving any resistance until she was up to the elbow.

“Oh yeah, that’s it.” Rikku bit her lip. “I tell ya, no one knows a girl better than another girl, huh?”

“I, um…” Yuna mumbled. Everything just squashed and squelched around like dough as she worked her arm into the teen. This wasn’t exactly covered in the teachings. There was plenty about how to submit to a man, but nothing about pleasing another woman.

“Just grab and touch stuff Yunie. It’ll be fine!” Rikku giggled. “Maybe even put your tongue in there?”

Yuna gasped up at her. People did that? What good was that going to do anyway?

Nevertheless, she massaged the flesh and leant in, planting her lips against her cousin’s pussy. The taste… wasn’t too bad. A little bit salty, a little bit something she couldn’t quite identify. But it was Rikku’s reaction that made it worthwhile. Releasing a squeal that practically shook the cave, everything the teen possessed flailed in response. And as a people pleaser, Yuna could only enjoy the effects.

“Oh gosh, Yunie… I knew I should’ve asked you to do this a while ago.” Rikku grinned. Squeezing her left boob with her hand, she smiled down at the tiny teen between her thighs. “And I’ll be ready to repay the favour. Whenever you want it.”

“You want me to use this Expand magic too?” Yuna said, working on her pussy like a loaf of bread.

“Huh. That could be fun.” Rikku nodded. “But nah, I meant like when we were both small again. “Or you could be big and I could be small? I’d love to dive deep into Yuuuunie!”

“Ahah…” Yuna found herself involuntary crossing her legs. Exposing that much of herself sounded like a bad idea, especially in such a sinful way.

“C’mon, let’s see what’s hiding under there!” Rikku giggled, and plucked Yuna from between her thighs.
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