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Having received, giantess Rikku is ready to return the favour to little Yuna.
With Rikku’s massive hand practically wrapped around her waist, the older teen was powerless to stop herself from being picked up and manhandled.

“What… what’re you doing Rikku?” Yuna cried, dangling above her cousin’s giant face.

“Giving a bit of fun back.” Rikku winked. “You gave me some fun so now I’m doing it to you.”

“At this size?!” Yuna squeezed her thighs together.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be super gentle.” Rikku said. “Now, you won’t be needing this…!”

Yuna gasped as her skirt was pulled down her legs and away from her, leaving her bottom half exposed aside from a pair of plain black panties.

“Ooh, classy,” Rikku chuckled, before pinching at the gusset and tearing those away from her as well. Yuna’s flailing did nothing to stop Rikku’s overwhelming strength, and suddenly her lower half was as naked as her cousin’s.

“Huh. Keep yourself pretty tidy down here huh?” Rikku rubbed an index finger across Yuna’s crotch, feeling taut bristles. “I just let it grow. No point in trying to control it.”

“I um… suppose so?” Yuna mumbled, feeling the heat of embarrassment rising within her, along with a certain heat of pleasure at Rikku’s enormous finger between her thighs.

“Okay Yunie, now you just sit on my face and I’ll do all the work, got it?” The blonde grinned. Yuna obliged, and spread her legs across Rikku’s face, with her feet kicking about the younger teen’s ears. Her hips were already complaining at the angles she was enduring, but the moment Rikku’s tongue surged into her, all pain was forgotten.

Yuna gasped and writhed at the force of the muscle pushing into her, sending spasms throughout her body. Holding her cousin in place with her left hand, Rikku got to work on herself with the right, slotting two fingers into her own pussy and coordinating movements. Both cousins moaned and flailed under their combined pleasures, and neither even noticed that the spell was slowly wearing off.

Yuna noticed first, as the strain on her hips was reducing, and she could fit her legs around Rikku’s face more easily, while Rikku eventually noticed that there was more of her cousin to lick, and before long, the blonde was back to her usual five foot four, but still buried within Yuna’s thighs, her tongue lashing away at the brunette’s nethers.

Yuna ground into Rikku’s face, and Rikku found a good spot inside herself, and moaned into Yuna’s pussy. The dramatics came to a climax as both girls came in near unison, with Yuna falling limp on top of her cousin.

“…whew!” Rikku gasped, her voice muffled by muff. “That was fun, huh Yunie? Shame the spell wore off…”

“Well, at least we know it’s safe.” Yuna gasped, not even bothering to get off of her cousin’s face.

“Uh huh.” Rikku said. “You can be the big girl next time, okay? We’ll see how big you can get!”

“Umm…” Yuna mumbled, but shuffled off of Rikku, and downwards to meet her gaze. The blonde’s face was sticky with all of her juices, and was she feeling guilty?

Maybe a little.

Pushing her lips into Rikku’s, the two cousins just cuddled on the floor of the Omega Dungeon.

“Experimenting with it might be fun.” Yuna said.

“Atta girl.” Rikku squeezed her tighter.
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