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The search for that authentic voice, the call upon my life, freeverse
Rejected by a shallow world
I did not want to win in
I searched for answers within my soul
Like a faithless man
In a dark cave with the lights off
I searched for the original me
Stumbling around in blindness
Without a clue

When Jesus saved me
God turned the lights on
I began to know His grace inside
Where all seemed so broken and confused
It took a while to work through
The fragments of false dreams
Rejecting images that were not my own
Digging deeper unto the true foundation
To find the place where He could speak to me

Like a church in the middle of a vast maze
I came one day into God's place
And in His presence began to sing
This was a song I had never heard before
And yet with each word my passion grew
The music seemed familiar
as if it had been always there

My song boomed from deep within me
It reached to heaven from where it also came
Like an echo of the Divine
Here and there in the same man
Love, Life, and Light burned inside
I saw the whole of me in a single moment
And at that moment my voice became a prayer
To be the man that God revealed to me
To be the one that He saw.
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