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Stoick oversteps his boundaries. Incomplete.
Stoick sighed. Mama was being so unfair. Papa said unfair is the wrong word, that Stoick had rules to follow, and could not always have his way.

He did no harm. There was no fibbing, no shoving or mean words. Taking a walk was good behavior, and Mama did not need to be upset, not when he was big enough to go by himself. She scolded Stoick, swatted him for it, and told him to sit by the door.

The door stood open. When he saw Papa, Stoick stood in the doorway. and his father knew he was in disgrace. All Stoick did was take a walk. Mama said he knew better and disobeyed, again.

Maybe asking permission was better.

“Upset yer Mama again?”

“Aye, Papa.”

“How many people did ye trouble?”

“Mama and Ragna and Brenna. I didna upset Flint.” He hope that counted for him.

“Flint is a bairn, and doesna understand yer wrongdoing.

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