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by Ashish
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Ending poverty in the World
So what I already know is, the worst hit areas in the World with poverty is Africa, Bangladesh and India. People don't have access to fresh water, proper toilets. Children don't go to school as they have to do household work or look after the young.

Oxford Learner's dictionary defines poverty as the state of being poor but the term in my opinion to describe the condition of Africa in the present time would be 'destitute' which means extremely poverty stricken.

Why is Africa poor or how it came to be poor? Why India is counted among the poor countries. There are a few organisations I know of who are working to end poverty in the World. They are providing employment, training to give people skill, teaching in schools funded by donations given by people who can afford to donate. Why and how do we have homelessness in UK. I would have to research more. I know nothing about the details of how poverty might be affecting people in the World.
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