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About brain snapshot restoration
This is a story of a guy whose wife went into coma and only way to get her back is 'Brain snapshot restoration(BSR)'. So he didn't find anybody who is ready to go for giving her brain snapshot. In last stage his brain snapshot was inserted in his wife's brain. This is story is from the perspective of herself after coma with memories of his mind.

Chapter1 : Introduction
My name is anil and i am a software engineer in a good MNC. I got married to suma one year back.Everything was going normal. Suma is a house wife and she took care of my needs at home. We belong to joint family. We stay with my parents and by elder brother Ravi and sister-in-law rajini. And my sister anitha stays near to our home with her husband. We are very happy family and every evening we do chit chat in home.
Chapter 2: Accident & Operation
One day while returning from late night party our car met with an accident and my wife suma got severe injuries on head and she went into coma. She admitted in to hospital, and even after one month there is no recovery. Doctors told there huge malfunction in her brain and she can't be cured. After searching in internet i got a contact to a doctor in germany who can cure these type issues. So i took my wife to him. Doctor did some tests and analyzed my wife situation and told there is only one way she can be normal and that is through 'Brain snapshot restoration(BSR)'. Doctor will take memories from other person and implant that memories into my wife. He told there is no way to take my wife memories back. I cried a lot bcoz i will loose my wife but i will get my wife body with other persons memories. Doctor gave one week time to get the person whose memories i needed in my wifes brain.
After thinking lot for several days, i didn't find any person who will be ready for this. So i decided i will handle this myself by giving my memories in my wifes brain so that it will be easy to understand each other after the operation.
After 4 days i went to doctor and asked him to take my memories. Doctor smiled at me told me that you have to live as a wife to yourself after this operation, so are you ready with that?. I said YES and lets proceed with the procedure.
He arranged some instrument on my head and asked to sleep on a chair for few hours. The machine was vibrating on my head and fell into deep sleep.
Chapter 3 : New life
When i open my eyes, i was lying on a bed. I couldn't able to move my hands and legs. Everything is looking blur to me. I can hear to my doctor ans he was saying try focus on objects, initially it will be difficult to focus with new eyes. Then i realized i am in my wife's body. After some time i able to see clearly and saw myself infront of me...i mean i saw Anil infront of me.
After spending few days in hospital, slowly i got control on entire body.
When i was a man i admire my wifes beautiful body and i am into her body. I know anil still loves me afterall our memories and thinking is same now.
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