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Soo may people are dying on road accidents
Accident is one of the worse things that could happen to anyone, not even to that one person you call an enemy, this is because of the agony and effects as a result of this accidents. It doesn't matter the cause of accident but rather the outcome which will affects not only the person himself or herself but also to the entire family, community, company, church and all those left behind as a result of the same. News regarding accidents are the most horrifying news that none has ever wished to receive for the entire life because of the anxiety and trauma of all who are affected. It is soo terrifying to hear that someone is no more yet you have been together in less than an hour. It is even worse to imagine that you will never see the person anymore. Accidents have left a huge gap in many families an and homes. Children are left orphans and parents left childless.

accidents have been associated with a number of causes but the most common cause being road accident as a leading cause of deaths. This has been attributed to number of factors such as careless driving that could be as a result of alcohol influence, over speeding, driving of unworthy road vehicles, poor infrastructure, poor weather condition and failure to observe traffic rules such as failure to have a driving license before driving and this has been worsened by some of the police enforcement who are corrupt hence affecting the enforcement at large

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