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A child doesn't listen and pays the consequence.
Today I messed up, messed my mother’s fine chair.
I spilled all my paint, spilled it all without care
And now I’m so sad because I think I may
Have ruined that chair where she sits every day.

So we went to a store that they call Man Made Chairs,
They had big chairs and small chairs and chairs that have hairs
The biggest big place that I ever had seen.
Chairs in all colors: red, blue, white and green.

We stood and we looked, just my mother and me
“That chair over there, that big chair that I see.”
She sat and she said, “Let me think while I sit . . .
No, this is too big, it just will not fit.”

And then to another fine chair that she spied,
“That chair over there, that one that’s so wide.”
She sat and she said, “Let me think while I sit . . .
No, this is too hard, too hard, just not it.”

“Too many chairs around here, don’t you see?”
This game was now boring, so boring to me.
I know, I’ll go find the right chair, just her size
I’ll go find the right chair, it will be a surprise!

I searched and I searched, I searched a long time
And then I came up to a big, fat, red line.
“Don’t cross that red line that you see over there,
Or else you will be turned into just the right chair.”

I looked all around but I still could not see
Whoever it was who was warning me.
A girl, a big girl, a girl who’s called Mel
Appeared out of nowhere, nowhere I could tell.

I laughed, “I will not, I will not be a chair.”
“Oh yes, yes you will, and I know it’s not fair,
But I don’t make rules, I don’t make them, you hear?”
And then, just like that, I saw her disappear.

I looked at the line, but I still could not see
How I’d be a chair, not a chair, no not me.
“I will cross that red line and I still will be free
I’ll step right across, now in 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . .

And so, then I jumped, and I jumped with no fear
Until I could feel it, “It’s quite warm in here.”
I looked at my hands and then looked at my feet
I no longer could move, and no longer could speak.

Then I saw my mom, saw her look right at me
“That chair over there,” she said, “Please let me see.”
She sat and she said, “Let me think while I sit . . .
“So comfy this chair, I believe this is it!”

I wish I’d have listened, had listened to Mel
If I would have listened, I’d still be all well.
Yes, I should have listened, not been so head-strong
I thought she was lying, I guess I was wrong.

I replaced the old chair that my mom used to have
I make her so happy, but now I feel bad.
Not that it’s more fun to live life as a kid,
But because I should not, not have done what I did.

Word Count: 526
Line Count: 52

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