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Thoughts about the current pandemic and it's effects.
It occurred to me with great sadness and heart-felt sorrow on a crisp wintery morning that, perhaps, the pandemic was designed to serve a purpose.

It occurred to me that some people in some countries will be left to die. But if the reason for their deaths are for lack of vaccines or lack of "Doctors Without Boarders" coordinating with the World Health Organization and hundreds of wealthy states working together to make sure the world is vaccinated and the virus is quelled before it becomes impossible to do so.

As I look deeper, I see a much darker future wherein "germ warefare," is the "new battlefield."

Why are there no global restrictions on the development of deadly viruses in a laboratory setting without proper registration and monitoring by representatives from global health organizations to ensure that proper protocol is followed to prevent a global outbreak, such as the Covid-19 pandemic?

I think there are many deceases that could be irradicated, but profit is the motivation, not global health.

But I've allowed my imagination to run free and here's a scenario: After there are no more people left alive to pay the cost of healthcare; or the cost of conducting research to fight the fight of what has become "global germ warefare"; and all our healthcare practitioners -- all of them -- fall vicitim to exhaustion -- when food shortages appear and only people who own farms will be able to feed themselves;

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